Summer to Fall Decor Style/Tips for the Transition

As we begin to leave summer behind and ease into autumn, its time to get inspired with some fall decorating ideas for your home. To be perfectly honest, I’m still in summer mode, enjoying my beautiful flowers and the nice weather, but for me, it`s time to start thinking about fall decor. 
 Summer to Fall Decor Style/Tips for the Transition
I`m also trying to decide this year’s color scheme. Last year I tried something new for me, colorful decor in green and purple, mixed with my all time favorites, neutrals. If you missed it, you can find my 
Fall Home Tour 2016,
 Part 1 -HERE and  Part 2 - HERE.
Do you remember this DIY fall wreath from last year? You can see how to made it from scratch  - HERE.
Transitioning from summer to fall isn’t always easy. If you’re between seasonal decor styles and aren’t comfortable adding pumpkins just yet, I’ve got some great tips on how to gradually add autumn touches to your home.

1. Fresh Fruit for Fall
Gathering apples, pears or any other fruit that might be in season in your area is a great way to create a centerpiece for the table. Place them in a rustic receptacle or tray and add some flowers to accompany the setting.
2. New color schemes
Muting the colors in the dining room area is a great way to start transitioning into fall. Try switch to earthly, natural colors instead of sun-bright shades. You can also use black for a more conservative, elegant look with pops of orange or silver accents.
3. Candle Creativity
Whether you prefer using candles as a table centerpiece or over the mantle, these accents will instantly bring a cozy atmosphere to any space. If you are afraid to use candles around your kids, remember you can always use battery-operated ones. Beautiful but safe!
4. Cozy Fabrics
There’s nothing quite like getting all snuggled into bed on cooler evenings. Flannels and knits are wonderful cozy textures that reflect the season and makes you feel warm and relaxed.
5. Personal Touches
Last, but not least, don`t forget to add your own touches with a few quick and easy DIY projects. You don`t have to buy everything, there are so many great ideas online you can incorporate in your home. And you`ll be proud to show them off to your family and friends!
So what do you think? Are you inspired for fall decorating yet and what`s your favorite fall decor? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you so much for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day!
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Rosegal. com Review

Hi guys, today I`m coming at you with a Rosegal. com review! Remember my Rosegal wishlist - you can find it here. Back then I made my order from Rosegal, received it few days ago and wanted to share everything with you.
I ordered the bag, sunglasses and ring and I must say, I`m blown away! Especially with the bag!! It is the cutest and most adorable bag and it looks so much better then I was expected! I must say this bag is definitely inspired by Chanel tweed bag! You can see more about it in Fall/Winter trends - Luxury wishlist.

It`s a mini crossbody bag in of white and main material is tweed, so I figured it can be perfect for year around. Size is 19-8-15 and it comes with a beautiful gold strap (120 cm). Although it`s a small bag, you can fit a lot in it, like phone, keys, wallet, small makeup bag... Price is $23.83.
You can find more about the bag here.
I was not sure about this Audrey Hepburn cat eye sunglasses (I ordered mine in light yellow), but there are really nice. There are lightweight and comfortable to wear and looking pretty good on me. Price is $6.40. You can find more about them here.
Finally, few words about the ring. It`s in rhinestone cuff ring in gold with a "XO" sign and I really like it! Price is $0.89. More about it find here
All in all, I would definitely recommend Rosegal.comAs always, please get in touch if you’ve ordered from the website and show me your spoils! 
So guys, what do you think? What`s your favorite? Comment down below or send me a tweet to @homechicclub
Thanks so much for stopping by today, wishing you a great day! xoxo

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A Free Printable Calendar August 2017 / Monthly Recap

Hi and welcome to my Monthly Recap! August just started and I can hardly believe it. Looks like this year is going ahead so fast, don`t you think?! Have you been in some beautiful places this month? I would love to hear more about it! I haven`t been on my vacation yet, but I hope we can go somewhere nice next month.

About this monthly recap thing, you know that it`s something I added to the blog few months ago, so I can look back a little and remind myself what I`we been doing. I want to thank you all for your wonderful response and comments, I`m really blown away! Also, it`s a great place for you who missed something, to find all the posts in one place.

Here is a look back at July! It`s a mix of home decor tips and fashion trends for summer and fall. Hope you enjoy it! 

Also, today I`m sharing another free calendar, this one is for August 2017, of course! I love the way it turned out, sort of romantic but modern at the same time. Perfect for your home office, right?! Just click the button below to download your own copy, print and enjoy! 
August 2017 Calendar

I hope this recap gets you thinking about summer approaching the end, and in the mood to love and enjoy life even more! Thank you for stopping by and spending a bit of your time with me...xo. What`s your favorite July post?

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Fall/ Winter 2017/18 Fashion Trends/Luxury wishlist

Hi guys, how are you today?! Searching for online style inspiration for the next season, I came across a few items I really loved. 
These are definitely an expensive and luxury items I can`t afford right now, but I really like them!! 

What about the trends? Any ideas on how to dress this fall/winter? Honesty, you can do anything, but here are some rules I noticed!
It's official: red is the color of Fall 2017. I chose statement boots by
soon-to-be seen all over the street style circuit and beautiful
velvet blazer by Dolce Gabbana!
For fall 2017 we're going back to basics. This season featured 
classic, vintage-inspired coats, like this by Zuhair Murad! Cozy!!
In next season, attention will be all on sleeves!! Amazing and interesting ideas, with weaves, ruffles, inserts of multiple materials and accessories, slits and geometric construction, like this beautiful silk Cloe dress!
This season more is more! Skip the minimalism in favor of 
anything shiny, colorful and embellished like this Chanel tweed bag!
Lace-up details are on their way out this year, and we finally know why: buttons. Industry are doing choose-your-own-way slits with buttons down the side of skirts and pants or blouses like this one by Fendi!
Mixed materials and deconstructed classics are the new normal this fall like this pants or turtleneck sweater by Marques Almeida!
This trend is continuing it`s life in the fall and winter because 
everybody loves it so much! It always looks feminine and lovely 
like this of the shoulder mini dress by Self Portrait!
Borrowing from the grandpas style, this season resolving the once never-ending debate on whether shoulder pads should return or not (they should), like on this beautiful coat by Balmain.

I really hope you enjoyed my list, I most certainly did! There was so much more to show, but it must wait for another list. What`s your favorite trend for fall/winter 2017/18?

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A Cute and Easy DIY Mouse Pad

Hi guys, and welcome back. Today I`m sharing easy project to spruce up your home office, or cute and original gift for a new school year. If you need ideas for affordable and chic home office in just 5 easy steps, you can check this blog post

Sometimes it`s really hard for me to get to work and sit in front of the computer for hours but, if I'm surrounded by things that are lovely and inspire me, I will certainly be more productive. So this is why I always try to refine my work space details and make them appealing to the eye. Mouse pad is definitely one of the little things that are always close to me, so I want to change it and make it cute and fun.

Are you in love with your mouse pad? I really hate mine, it`s old and ugly and really not in my style. So, let’s change that, in 10 minutes! As I said before, it`s quick and easy project with just a few things you probably already have. 

Zdravo dragi moji i dobrodošli u novi post. Danas ćemo se zabaviti jednim jednostavnim projektom i ulepšati naš radni prostor. Ovo takođe može biti i originalan, simpatičan poklon nekome za početak nove školske godine. Ako vam nedostaje ideja kako da uredite svoju radni prostor - kućni office u samo 5 jednostavnih koraka, svakako pogledajte ovaj post

Ponekad mi je zaista teško da se nateram da radim i sedim dugo za računarom, ali ako sam okružena stvarima koje me raduju i inspirišu, sigurno ću biti i mnogo produktivnija. Zato se uvek trudim da svoj radni prostor oplemenim sitnicama koje su privlačne za oko. Podloga za miš je svakako jedna od sitnica koje su uvek blizu mene i zato želim da je promenim i učinim dopadljivom.

A sada pogledajte svoju podlogu za miša... da li je volite? Ja moju zaista mrzim jer je stara i ružna i nimalo ne odražava moj stil. Zašto je ne bismo promenili kada je to moguće za samo 10 minuta? Kao što sam rekla, ovaj projekat je brz i jednostavan i zahteva samo par stvarčica koje verovatno već imate kod kuće.
You`ll need:

1. Piece of plastic (or any material you have on hand)
2. Cute scrapbook paper or fabric
3. Glue or decoupage glue and glue gun
4. Clear varnish
5. Scissors
6. Decorative pom pom ribbon or lace


1. Parče plastike (ili drugog materijala koji vam je dostupan)
2. Dezenirani papir ili tkanina
3. Lepak, lepak za dekupaž i pištolj za vrući lepak
4. Providni lak
5. Makaze
6. Dekorativna pom pom traka ili neka druga ukrasna traka (čipka)


First, apply glue on the plastic (or other material you chose) and glue your scrapbook paper on top and trim the edges.
Apply a coat of decoupage glue on top and let dry.
After everything is completely dry, apply a coat (or two) of clear varnish. Let dry completely.
Finally with a hot glue gun add a decorative trim and your new and cute mouse pad is finished!! How easy was that!?


Prvo nanesite sloj lepka (ili lepka za dekupaž) na plastiku, pažljivo zalepite ukrasni papir i izravnajte ga da nema mehurića vazduha. Odsecite makazama višak papira.
Nanesite još jedan sloj lepka za dekupaž preko papira kako bi bio postojan i ostavite da se osuši.
Nakon što je sve suvo, nanesite sloj (ili dva) providnog laka. Ostavite da se potpuno osuši.
Na kraju, uz pomoć vrućeg lepka dodajte dekorativnu traku i vaša nova podloga za miša je gotova! Jednostavno, zar ne!?
Thanks so much for stopping by today, wishing you a great day! xoxo

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