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  1. I just visited your page. I was glad I found inspiration in your ideas.Your home decoration is so beautiful and elegant! I like your style in decoration. I love it. I am a senior who wants to do something at home which is not too hard for me and found out how to decorate soaps with photos,images, etc. Perhaps I can even sell my soaps. I know how to do melt and pour soaps but I needed fresh ideas that are different. That is why I ended up visiting your page. If I ever needed for sure I will contact you. Congratulations you are a very artistic person with good taste. It seems to me that you are from Russia, and no wonder you are so artistic oriented. I Love Russian music and ballet. I am from Colombia South America but I have been in USA for 47 years and still my English is not that good but I still can communicate which is important.

    1. Thank you so much. I`m so glad you like my blog and my style, bust most importantly that my work inspires you! Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for collaboration.
      p.s.BTW, I`m from Serbia, East Europe - Balkan Peninsula (former Yugoslavia).
      Have a great day!