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DIY Easy Farmhouse Sign

Today I`m going to make DIY farmhouse sign for my kitchen and show you how easily you can do it too. Farmhouse style is everywhere lately and everyone loves it, so let`s go and start with this simple and easy DIY project. 
All it takes is wood planks, a bit of paint, and a printer and you can pretty much make any kind of farmhouse sign you'd like cheaply and easily. 
We were happy to have pile of reclaimed wood in our cottage. Maybe some would call it junk, but I call it treasure! Love, love, love the weathered look on this piece of wood! It was in the sun, rain and snow for years and turned in farmhouse beauty... The other one is a scrap piece of wood, left over from another project. 
If you want to see how easy is to them this into cute farmhouse signs, just keep reading...
Materials used:
Wood plank (size of your choice)
Paint brush
Computer printer
Printing paper
Sander or sandpaper
Clear varnish
Hanging kit

You can choose to leave your wood raw or paint - stain it in color of your choice. Anyhow, sand and wipe down your wood planks first. One plank was darker and weathered and the other one was brand new. I decided to give them both just a light white wash. I thought that a combination of raw wood and a little bit of white wash would be pretty in our kitchen.
To create the letters, I made my own stencils by printing the letters I needed on paper. You can just use Microsoft Word (like I do) or PicMonkey or Canva to design your words or letters on a page to print.
After your prints are done, take a pen and trace (scribble) the back of each letter.
You will want to make sure that the letters are fully saturated (if you`re having hard time to see your letters, place the print on the window and than you can see the letters through the back layer of paper).
Once you have each letter traced, cut off all excess paper. Now, it is time to figure out spacing. Lay out all of your letter across the board and tape them in place. For this technique you must tape them down or your letters will get messed up.
Now, take your pen and go over the outline of each letter. Check if there`s marks on the board once in a while and correct if needed. 
Once you have your letters outlined on the board, remove the paper, take your sharpie and go over the outline of the letters. Do not worry about the outline being bold, we will distress it later.
Now it is time to paint! Using the acrylic craft paint fill in the outlined letters. I again just did one coat as to not make the lettering too bold.
After you have traced and colored in all letters, allow sign to dry.
After the piece is dry take the sandpaper and gently go over the sign distressing it in some areas and dulling the words in others. This was my favorite part! Once your sanding is complete take your wet rag and gently wipe off your farmhouse sign. 
Last, finish with a coat of clear varnish, add hooks for hanging  and your new sign is ready to go on the wall. So stinking easy and cool!
Now, let`s take a look of them in my kitchen...
What do you think? Are you going to try this easy DIY farmhouse decor?
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    Joj, tako je tumblr. Pokušaću da napravim ovo. Sjajan post.

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  2. Great work ideas I love this style

  3. Wonderful tutorial Dear:)

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  9. Thanks for the tips. You make it look easy.

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  15. Love these signs Vesna and I have pinned!!
    Hugs - Kerryanne

  16. Do the letters need to be printed backwards or just tracing over the paper over the board will show the pen IL through to the wood?

    1. Hi Constance, print your letters normal and then turn them right side down to scribble the back of each letter. Then turn them the right side up and place on the wood and trace over the each letter (you can add a little bit of pressure while you are tracing and check once in a while if everything is outlined). Hope this was helpful.

  17. You explain very well, real easy to follow along, I'm gonna make a sign right now lol thank you

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  19. I dont understand the point of scribbling on the back of the paper of each letter.. i got super lost at that point? Can someone please clarify? thx

  20. What font and size did you use?

  21. What font and size did you use?