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Lately I have received several requests from other bloggers to introduce their blogs and share their posts on my blog. 
There is so much inspiration in blogland, so I thought it would be great idea to bring you a closer look at some blogs, and wanted to do a regular feature on my blog. 
The rules are very simple, you just need to follow my blog. 
Every weekend, if you contact me and provide me with a post that is related to the topic of my blog and home decor, I will introduce your blog, and you will have a opportunity to tell us a little bit more about your blogs. If you want to introduce your blog to my readers, please contact me on mail vesna.gavrilovic7@gmail.com.
Today I have the pleasure to introduce Sue Jason, blogger at My Bathrooms Blog. I think you'll find some great ideas in this post, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

U poslednje vreme sam dobila nekoliko zahteva od drugih blogera da ih predstavim i objavim njihove postove na mom blogu.
Svi znamo koliko inspirativnih blogova ima u našem blogosvetu, pa sam mislila da bi bila odlična ideja da vam približim neke blogove, a i da to postane redovna rublika na mom blogu. 
Pravila su vrlo jednostavna, potrebno je samo da mi se pridružite i pratite moj blog. 
Svakog vikenda, ako mi se javite i pošaljete mi post koji je povezan sa temom mog bloga i uređenjem enterijera, ja ću predstaviti jedan blog, a vi ćete imati priliku da kažete nešto više o svom blogu. 
Ako želite da se predstavite mojim čitaocima, kontaktirajte me na mail vesna.gavrilovic7@gmail.com. 
Danas imam zadovoljstvo da vam predstavim Sue Jason, blogera sa bloga My Bathrooms Blog. Mislim da ćete pronaći nekoliko sjajnih ideja u njenom postu, zato kafu u ruke i uživajte.

Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a blogger at My-bathrooms blog. Today Vesna has given me a chance to share some of my decorative ideas on her wonderful blog. In this post I will explain how you can make your bathrooms more appealing by just adding a dash of paint! So grab your paint brush, pair of gloves and a bucket of paint! You may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Painless Ways to Use Paint in Your Bathroom

Few people use wallpaper in bathrooms, even though there are some wallpapers that are waterproof and suitable for use in humid and steamy rooms. Painting the bathroom can be a trial, with drips landing in awkward places and drying before they can be removed. The difficulty is enhanced by the quality of paint that should be used, as it is designed to stick tight to surfaces!
Best Quality

Despite this ‘con’, do not be tempted to use cheaper paints in the bathroom as they will run and pick up dirt and staining – not to mention mould and mildew. Always buy paint that is appropriate for use in the bathroom as this will be washable, stain and damp resistant and will save you hours of scrubbing and cleaning in the long run. Apply at least two coats and be prepared to put on a third if necessary. After all, you want your walls to look good for a long time, not just a few months. If you are not keen on plain paint effects you can try your hand at stippling or marbling your walls.

Stippling is achieved by applying a base coat (or two) and allowing it to dry completely. Next, take a dry sponge or paintbrush and just barely dip it into the secondary paint. Very lightly, dab the almost dry sponge or brush onto the walls, leaving behind small ‘splodges’ of color behind. Once the sponge or brush is no longer leaving any marks behind, you can reload it with paint and repeat until the entire surface is covered. A similar, but more striped effect can be achieved by roughly rolling a length of old fabric or newspaper and rolling it onto bare walls. Be prepared to practice these techniques on a small section of wall until you are comfortable with the process.

Paint broad, rough diagonal lines on the wall in two different colors and allow this to dry. Mix or buy a transparent colored glaze and go over the rough stripes, adding smaller stripes and dots. (Look at pictures of marble before beginning this stage for inspiration!) Work the lines in the same direction as the base coat. Top off with a light coat that is mainly glazing agent to finish off the look.

Adding stripes to your bathroom has never been easier! Simply section off the area to be painted with masking tape or painters tape to create crisp sharp lines and apply your chosen colors!



  1. Jako dobra ideja, Vesna, da ugostiš kolegice na svom blogu!
    Nice to meet you, Sue!

    1. Hvala Anči, sa zadovoljstvom ću ugostiti sve koji su zainteresovani za ovu ideju. :)

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    1. Hvala draga. Nadam se da ću i tebe ugostiti uskoro. :)