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5 Easy Steps To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

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Hi guys, and welcome back. In our cottage we had a big pipe damage in a main bathroom, so now, after the repair, it`s time to make it functional and beautiful again. So, I was researching lately to find the prefect ideas and tips for redecorating the bathroom and here are some I find the best.

1.Choose a color scheme
Gorgeous bathroom with marble counters
As always, I will suggest a neutral colors, like white, gray, taupe etc. They are timeless, elegant and always in style, and they work perfectly as a backdrop for any accent color you want to introduce. 

2.Floor Tile Patterns
Love the floors and dark walls with white subway
french bath
A patterned tile floor can take your room from simple to stunning. They will make so much impact in overall design and makes your bathroom fell glamorous and luxurious, like staying in some really nice hotel.

3.Use a wall as art
Instead of using tiles on all the bathroom walls, use a wallpaper, or stencil and paint, to make a huge impact. If you don`t want it to be overwhelming, chose one wall to do it, and let the rest do it justice.

4.Use real art on the walls
Many people don`t think art really belongs in the bathroom, but it is! A few black and white photos in a simple white, gold or silver frame will elevate the space and make it really special.

5.Splurge on a details
11010 Landon Ln, Hunters Creek Village, TX: Photo G O R G E O U S formal powder room with Ann Sacks glass tile wall accent with perfectly placed sconces and plumbing fixtures. Custom built door and cabinetry complete this elegant space.
You don`t have to spend a huge amount of money on everything. Try to keep and reuse what you already have, like bathtub, sinks etc. With a nice coat of paint refresh your old furniture and save for the faucets, shower heads, towels, mirrors, chandelier, lamps and curtains. Chose details that will complement your color scheme, add a bit of color and sense of luxury. 
regal and beautiful bathroom
So guys, what do you think? Do you have some great tips for me? Share it in a comments, I would love to hear from you!
Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed!
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