5 Tips for Styling Your Shelves Like a Pro

White shelving styled with gold sculpture and books
Hi everyone, hope you`re having a great summer so far. If you are on vacation, have a great time! For the rest of us, here is one home project you can tackle in a day. 

Styling your bookshelves is so not as easy as it looks. Using books and lots of little things you collected over the time, can easily turn your shelves into a massive pile of trinket hoarding. I`m sure you`re tried to make it perfect, but it never have that designer look you really want! I have 5 great tips for styling your bookcase like a design pro. 

But before you start decorating, first declutter and start from scratch!!
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Use things you love

Your home should be a real reflection of you, and there’s no better place to showcase that than on your shelves! It`s important to use pieces that have sentimental value to you and speak to you, like objects from your travels, things that belongs to your family for decades, things you made yourself etc.  They also make a great conversational starter.
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Mix old with new

There are so many amazing vintage, antique finds you can find really cheap, and they add so much character to your shelves and entire space. If you put them next to something modern and new, they will look even more amazing. 
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Stack on books and boxes

They will create various heights and add the dynamic to your shelves. You can use any book you have in house. If you don`t like the different colors of the books, just turn them backward so the spines aren’t facing the room. Boxes can be found in so many stores, or you can use beautiful antique and vintage jewelry boxes. One gold or brass box will add such a glamorous touch!
Many people are keen to have a place to display their prized possessions, but are uncertain when it comes to composition.
Use artwork

You can use paintings, photos, or sculptures to spruce up the space. Paintings or framed photos will make a perfect backdrop for smaller pieces you want to show. Even if you don`t want to spend money on paintings, you can try and paint something yourself (you can find my abstract painting here) or even frame your child’s artwork to showcase their talent. 
How To Style Your Shelves in 3 steps - Modern, Bright, & Pink
Don`t forget to bring in natural objects

Real of faux plants and flowers, terrariums (you can check mine here), corals, shells (I always bring mine from the vacations), pieces of wood, stones, antlers... the list could go on and on. They will bring new life to your shelves, add fresh, natural element and balance all the other things. 

Finally, don`t forget the most important part is to have fun mixing and matching items that fit your style and make you smile!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! What`s your favorite item on the shelf ? 
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  1. Plants and flowers make everything better and look lovely. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing.