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5 Minute Fall Vignette

I know, summer isn't over quite yet... But, with each week, I get more and more into fall decorating. So far I added just a few touches here and there through the house. 
This week I’m ready to start taking out the pumpkins, creamy and white ones I made last year. 
As my seasonal decor starts spreading throughout the house, I wanted to share with you how easy is to make a small vignettes in just a 5 minutes. Everybody has 5 minutes, right?
One: Natural element
Every vignette need a natural element, flowers or greenery. It makes it feel fresh and look alive. For this vignette I wanted to find blooms in neutral, soft colors, so I chosen a mix of flowers, roses from my cottage garden, hydrangea and some unusual looking grass/flowers, all in white and  blush pinks. It`s funny how different colors and textures makes it so much more interesting and appealing to the eye.
 Two: Seasonal element
Of course pumpkins are the first choice for any fall vignette! But, in the area where I live they are not available just yet, so I used ones I made last year. They are so easy to make and they look so cute. You can use almost any fabric to make them, or even an old winter hat, like I do (the bigger one). You can also use any other seasonal element you like, acorns, gourds or fall vegetables.
Three: Decorative elements
When it comes to decorative part, my first tip is to shop your house. Look for the objects that will express your personal decorative style. Every vignette should be different and unique, but also every one should shows who you are and what you love. I used a lot of clear glass in this one, because it`s light and airy. I also included mirrored tray and a ornate mirror to catch as much light as I can. And of course, a few candles!
That was so quick and easy, it makes me wanted to make a few more, but I figured that`s enough for one day, right? Let me know did you start adding fall decor to your home. Thank you so much for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day!
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  2. Looks wonderful, thank for tips my dear :-)

  3. Odlične jesenje ideje!
    Ja sam još uvek u letnjem raspoloženju, stići će me jesen u septembru. :)

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  4. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  5. Gorgeous pictures :)
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  6. WOW! This is so beautiful. I like it.

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  7. Predivne ideje. Svjesna sam da je jesen na samom "pragu", ali ne želim još da vjerujem u to jer obožavam ljeto :D
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  9. That looks so nice! And so easy!
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  10. You put things together so nicely. I like the natural elements.

  11. Dear Vesna,

    Beautiful fall vignette, and always good to see how others decorate.
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  13. Love all the things in here, as always! So vintage and classy <3


  14. Lovely decorations. You are very creative!

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  16. This looks so beautiful, I love it! <3
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