A Free Printable Calendar August 2017 / Monthly Recap

Hi and welcome to my Monthly Recap! August just started and I can hardly believe it. Looks like this year is going ahead so fast, don`t you think?! Have you been in some beautiful places this month? I would love to hear more about it! I haven`t been on my vacation yet, but I hope we can go somewhere nice next month.

About this monthly recap thing, you know that it`s something I added to the blog few months ago, so I can look back a little and remind myself what I`we been doing. I want to thank you all for your wonderful response and comments, I`m really blown away! Also, it`s a great place for you who missed something, to find all the posts in one place.

Here is a look back at July! It`s a mix of home decor tips and fashion trends for summer and fall. Hope you enjoy it! 

Also, today I`m sharing another free calendar, this one is for August 2017, of course! I love the way it turned out, sort of romantic but modern at the same time. Perfect for your home office, right?! Just click the button below to download your own copy, print and enjoy! 
August 2017 Calendar

I hope this recap gets you thinking about summer approaching the end, and in the mood to love and enjoy life even more! Thank you for stopping by and spending a bit of your time with me...xo. What`s your favorite July post?

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  1. Wow, kalendarčić je predivan. Pin ima predivnu kolekciju fotografija :D
    Želim ti lijep dan, draga!

  2. I always love your posts, so I don't have a favourite :)
    Have a good evening

  3. Super post, haljinica je preslatka.


  4. Beautiful blog.
    Keep it up x
    Great job!

  5. Sad but, yeah summer will come to an end soon. Sad! Great recap here!


  6. Predivan post, bas kako smo i navikli od drage Vesne, sa pregrst'sjajnih fotografija, koje osim divnog utiska potsticu na nove ideje. Sjajan kalendarcic, odusevljena sam.

    Visit me, Gothic

  7. Great post, I like it :)

    new post

  8. I do love your light bright colours. What a great idea to have the calendar!