Scary-Sweet Halloween with Rosegal

Hi and welcome to scary-sweet Halloween! Today I`m sharing my idea for the Halloween outfit completed with Rosegal items. Right now, you can shop on Rosegal for Halloween and save up to 65%!! No tricks - All treats!

I must admit, I`m not a huge fan of scary things, so I figured I should make it a little bit less scary and a little bit more sweet. This outfit is perfect for a beautiful witch, a little bit sexy, cute and mysterious

So, let`s hear the story about this lady...

It was time for the annual Halloween costume party at work, the perfect place to celebrate the pleasures of the season. He had not expected to meet the woman of his dreams, but there she was standing alone across the room.
First thing he notice is beautiful black lace mask on her face, but when she looks back at him, her eyes makes him feel so strange...
He looked at her lovely dress, but then he noticed a spider web on the bottom and he knew right away she`ll catch him in it and he`ll never be free again...
She wears black bag and it looks like any other bag, but when he looked closer, it was embellished with the skulls of her previous victims and somehow he knew he will be the next...
On her ears was beautiful earrings with a rhinestones, and while he was admiring their beauty, they start to shine with a light that draws him in a world where time stops...
And just then, when he was absolutely helpless, while he was looking down at her beautiful black boots...
She smiles and said: "Do you like my Halloween costume? I ordered everything on  Rosegal".
 ~Happy Halloween~

Well guys, that was the Halloween story for today, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments what`s your favorite Halloween costume?

Thank you so much for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day!

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  1. Predivna selekcija draga Vesna, zaista odlicne stvari! Jako mi se dopadaju

    Visit me, Maleficent

  2. Anonymous10/23/2017

    Jako lep izbor, draga moja Vesna. A moram priznati da mi se dopada i priča, haha.

    Novi post je na mom blogu, pogledaj ----> https://laadda2.blogspot.com/2017/10/zaful-wishlist-zaful-sweaters-autumn-2017-promotion.html

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  4. Predivne si stvari odabrala draga :) mnogo mi se dopadaju <3

  5. Great boots Dear:)


  6. That's so cool for a Hallowe'en costume!


  7. Oh very great picks darling

  8. This shoes are soo beauty:*


  9. These are really nice inspirations!
    Have a good evening