DIY Christmas Stockings

Hi friends, and welcome back. Today I`m sharing super easy and adorable #Christmas project that can be finished in no time. I will show you how to transform ordinary knitted socks into beautiful #Christmas stockings

Make these cozy holiday stockings out of knitted socks easy and quick. They are nowhere to find is stores, so that makes them even more unique and special. 
All you need for this project is:
- knitted socks 
- faux fur for the cuff
- ribbon for hanging loop

I don`t even think this deserves to be called a tutorial, but however, this is what I did to make this cozy Christmas stockings.
First measure how much faux fur you need for the cuff. Cut the fabric and put it in place on your sock. Use needle and thread to secure it to the sock all around. You are almost done!
Measure how much ribbon you need for the hanging your stocking, cut it and sew in place. Ta-da! You have your beautiful cozy Christmas stockings! 
If you’ve never tried making your own Christmas stockings for your family, I really encourage you to try it. It doesn’t take long and I promise you’ll feel so fancy after they’re done! Really, I don`t think I ever made something so easy and quick! This was truly such a great idea and I`m so happy with the final result! 
 Have you ever tried to make a Christmas stockings? 
Thank you so much for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi dear, thanks for this tutorial!
    These Christmas stockings are very nice :)

    My Tester Mania

  2. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

  3. Fantastic DIY

  4. Awesome 💕💞 My dear 💗💗💗

  5. These socks look so cute. What a lovely idea!

  6. this is so lovely! such a wonderful idea! :) anyway, just saying hello all the way from the Philippines! I hope you can drop by my blog too and follow if you like =)

    xoxo, rae

  7. So cool

  8. They look fantastic ;) Great idea :)

  9. super idea!Your photos look so great!

  10. Dear Vesna,

    This is such a wonderful idea - love your Christmas stockings and thanks for sharing.