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How to Have a Happier Winter Home

Cozy winter home ideas
Regardless of the season, every home can benefit from adding a little cozy comfort. But, when it’s chilly outside, there’s no cozier place than home. Am I right? Yes, I`m longing for spring as much as anyone. But I don’t seem to mind the winter and cold as long as I can stay home. 


You may have already notice, but I’m always quite into the whole cozy experience, especially this time of year (seeking comfort and simple pleasures we can all afford). Perhaps you need that, too?
If you're looking to add soft layers and homey touches without spending a fortune, you'll love these cheap and easy solutions! 
1. Add Comfort
Lay a fluffy blanket over the end of your bed and pile a stack of winter books and magazines to inspire you right by your most inviting chair or sofa. Turn on your fireplace (if you have one), add cozy pillows and put your feet up on your favorite ottoman!

2. Warm up inside

You just came home from the work feeling the chill of winter inside and out? A warm ‘winter beverage’ with your family can be just what you need. Even if you have a small space, set up a coffee, tea or hot chocolate station. It’s will warm up your soul while you preparing a hot drink.  Nice and enjoyable winter ritual, right!? You`ll be so grateful for the warmth of the mug in your hands! 
3. Pretty Scenes   
Winter is a great season for a little beautifying around the house. There`s not much to do anyway, so use the time to make things as pretty as you can. Fluff or rearrange the pillows, move things around, change up your shelf displays, switch out throw blankets. Add a pretty bouquet on the table or  light up the candles.


4. Don`t forget to dance (sing)
Music can energize the mood of a cold winter’s day. During the Christmas I was playing the holiday music all the time and I just loved it! We play the music in our kitchen all the time so we can enjoy the tunes while we clean, cook, or having meals. For me it`s easiest to use my phone or laptop (they are in the kitchen anyway). Set up a winter playlist that will inspire you and dance (sing) along.
5. Scent sensation
We often think about how our home looks, but how our home smells is also a big part of comfort, too. Best and healthiest way to add scents to your home is to use essential oils and diffuser. 
If you are wondering what essential oils to chose, here`s some tips: lemon and peppermint essential oil are great in the mornings to help waking up, orange create a positive mood, lavender are great for the evenings to help you prepare for a good night sleep.
6. Create a mood

Lighting is very important for making the right atmosphere in any space. Chose softly layered lighting instead of your overhead (center) lights. Use lamps with soft shades, candles and fireplaces instead and create a cozy mood that will make you relaxed and calm.

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