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How To Organize Your Life /Bullet Journal 2018

Hi guys! So sorry about this huge pause I made on the blog, I was sick for two whole weeks and unable to do anything. But, now is the time to shake things up and get started with a 2018!
As always, with a start of a new year I hope to make my dreams come true. In order to do that, I make resolutions, set the goals and usually write them down. As much as writing down helps, the only thing that will help me achieve them is  action and organization. 
For me, and many others, very frequent problem with goals is an amount of work and time we need to spend to achieve them and this can be really overwhelming! Best way to overcome that for me is to break my goals into a smaller sections or steps. This way I can clearly see that every single step is something I can do in a certain amount of time and that really motivates me to start. And then, the more steps I get trough, the more I`m confident that I can do it all!
As I said in the beginning, tasks or goals are most likely to be done when I write them down. Past few years I used planners for that, but this year I decided to start a bullet journal (if you`re not familiar with a bullet journal, go find information online - Pinterest & YouTube are great for inspiration).  
I like planners, but they are too structured for me. On the other hand, bullet journal is a blank notebook where I can write, draw, plan and make notes or lists. So, I figured, this must be the right way for me to stay organized and plan my life. We shall see...
Today I`m going to show you my 2018 bullet journal set up, as well as my January set up. This is my first time doing it, so I`m not a pro, but maybe this can give you ideas or inspiration. 
First page is my cover page. I wanted it nice and simple.
On the second and third pages is my name and key.
Next is one page for 2018 memories and watercolor painting page with a quote (which is my mantra for the year).
On next four pages are my future log (if you are wondering, it`s in Serbian).
After that is my yearly Mood tracker (also known as a "year in a pixel") and my Bucket list. 
Next I have page "Places to visit" with a Europe map and the tracker for all my collaborations on the blog.
After that is my January spread with cover page and minimal monthly spread. 
Last, but not least is the spread for this week with tasks and meals on the side.
Please leave me a comment which type of planner(s) you use and what makes you well organized. 

   Thank you so much for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day!
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  1. Such an inspirational post. I honestly enjoyed. And your bullet journal is so cute. 💜

  2. ovo izgleda predobro, jako si me zainteresirala za ideju planera ove vrste :D

  3. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

  4. Divne ideje, draga! Imam slican takav planer, a cuveni ,,Year oin pixels" sam napraviña obavezno 😃(mada nisam izbacila na blogu). ❤


  5. Jako mi se dopada post! Obozavam planere i redovno upisujem u njih sve planove i aktivnosti.