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Free Planner 2018

You’ve started the new year and you’ve got your dreams, goals and resolutions. Of course you do! Now is the time to put them into reality. What better way then plan the steps to your goal and make it happened.

I absolutely adore planners, bullet journals, stickers, accessories, and other goodies for my planner and bullet journal. So, I’ve pulled together a bundle of 4 free planner pages that I love and I think you should download as well. Because you want your dreams to become a reality and you can never have enough free planner printables, right? ;)

You`ll find an undated DailyWeekly and Goal page you can use over and over again, as well as a title page for 2018. With this 4 pages you can create 3-Step plan to turn your dreams into reality. 
Step N0 1
It has been said that dreams are goals without a deadlineGoal page is a tool to do that. Give yourself the right track by setting a deadline and things will start to happen. Set up your goal, make a list of actions towards your goal, set the dates and keep track of your progress.
Free Planner Printable - Goal Planner Printable
Step N0 2
Divide your big goal into stages and set up a goals for each week! Weekly page is a place to write them down, plan your actions for the week and transfer them to a daily pages as you go. This will give you a clear idea of things you have to do.
Free Planner Printable - Weekly Planner Printable
Step N0 3
Now is the time to prioritize your goals daily. Write your daily goal each day in your Daily page according to your weekly goals and take the action. 

Don`t forget to keep track of your progress and reward yourself at the end of every week for keeping up with the plan. 
Free Planner Printables - Daily Planner Printable
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I will be adding more printables (and hopefully some nice stickers) over the coming weeks. So please check back again every now and then or follow myInstagram@homechicclub or Pinterest where I'll keep you updated. 
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A Proven Way To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
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  1. Koliko je ovo zanimljivo.Uzivala sam,i ako nisam bas taj tip da znam svake sekunde nesto smisliti ali zaista ti si genije,divim ti se.Uzivala sam,u punom smislu te rijeci
    Ako zelis stvarti i do mog bloga i ostavi komentsri,zaista mi znaci ,jos od tebe ..

    1. Divnooo!
      Ja sam hronično neorganizovana i teško mi je da ostvarim planove, pa svaki podsticaj znači ��

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  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

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    xoxo, Irena

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  5. Oh, my! I'm in love with that cute planner, looks so adorable. The post is great! :)

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  6. Planer je prekrasan! Koji si program koristila za izradu?

    How did all my dreams turn into the nightmares : moonstears

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