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5 Favorite Fall Decorating Tips

If you seen my Fall Home Tour 2018, or any other tour in the past, you probably noticed that I always make sure my home looks cohesive and put together. Well, this is not by any means accident! No, everything is all very deliberately "staged" in certain way to make my home look and feel effortless, but beautiful. In order to achieve this look I have a few simple rules which helps every time, and I`m sharing these tips with you today. 
Tip N० 1
Find your inspiration
To look around you, go outside and watch the changes in nature is my first advise. Nature will give you an organic way you should follow. Also think about things you love to do in specific season - for fall think about your favorite activities, holidays, food, drinks etc. If that`s not enough, go on Pinterest and find a lot of inspirational photos and save your favorites in a separate board. You can easily come back later and refresh your memory. Also, visit your favorite blogs to find more inspiration. They share tips, DIY projects, printables and home tours you can use to get in the mood for decorating. 
Tip N० 2
Plan and make a list
To avoid unnecessary expenses, plan your activities ahead and make a list of things you`ll need to buy to achieve certain look you want. It can be decor pieces, dishes, flowers, books, vintage items, you name it. Before you actually go shopping, first check if there`s something on the list you already own. Then try to visualise your home with all the decor pieces you want to buy. This is important step because we all tend to buy to many things just because they look pretty or they are on sale. But, too much decor pieces can be very wrong. Your home will look like a gift shop, instead of cosy, lovely space you imagined. So, purge your list and remember you don`t want to feel like you live in a gift shop!
If you like My Fall List, you can download it HERE
Tip N० 3
Don`t go to obvious 
By that I mean don`t use just typical seasonal decor - think outside the box. Think about what you love about that season, what you typically do and how you want to feel, and then go from that. If it`s fall, maybe you love long walks in your boots and cosy sweater. Then, use your boots for decor! Buy a sweater pillows or turn the old sweater into a cosy pillow! Or, maybe you love seating by the fire and reading a good book. Then use vintage books and favorite blanket, to decorate with. Of course you can use pumpkins, mums, gords and leafs, but combine them with other, less obvious seasonal objects and you`ll have that simple, but very effective seasonal decor look. 
Tip N० 4
Don`t overdo it
Les is more, at least for me it is! I don`t like cluttered spaces, they makes me feel anxious, so I always try to decorate with that on mind. Instead of filling every corner of your house with decor, use a few key spots in your home to make a vignettes or add a seasonal touch to existing decor. For instance, I decorate my mantel, coffee table, dining table and shelves to get the look. Other then that, my home is "decor free", letting the decorated spots steal the show and the rest of my home feels and looks airy and liveable.
Tip N० 5
Don`t try to make it perfect
Decorating can be a tricky job! I know how it`s like when you have the perfect vision in your mind, or when you found the photo of beautiful space you liked and wants to recreate it in your home. In reality, when you actually start decorating, thing often can go in a totally different way. Then you (I) become stressed and soon enough beautiful process of decorating turns into a real nightmare. Seen that, been there! Yeap! So many times before, desire to achieve perfection totally ruined any joy of decorating! I learned from my own mistakes and now, when I`m starting to decorate I try not to expect too much, or to make everything perfect. I try to embrace imperfections, because they are the part of our life and they can be beautiful too. Think about vintage pieces we all love! They are totally imperfect but we love them anyway. So, my advice is to decorate with joy, include members of your family in the process and love your home as it is, with all their imperfections. 
Bonus Tip N० 6
Think three- dimensional
Often, when decorating, people only decorate the flat surfaces, but in a real world, everything is three-dimensional, including our homes. So, when decorate, think vertical, not just horisontal. Walls, doors, windows, or any other vertical space (like a cabinet doors etc.) are a great spots to decorate. Things like wreaths, wall boards, signs, small baskets with flowers etc., will draw your eyes in all directions and makes the space look completed and put together.
With all that been said, wishing you a happy decorating and lovely autumn season!
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