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Free Daily Planner Bundle For Positive Mindset

Corona virus is having a massive impact on our lives. We know we have to #stay at home, but it can be really challenging. Best way to overcome this situation, for me, is to plan your day and give it structure.  
These days we are at home. That means we have to bump at each other all the time. Sometimes it`s funny, but sometimes it`s not. Sometimes we have fun, but sometimes we don`t. It`s a challenge, you know... We are not use to be together all day long, so it`s new and different for us. I don`t mean it`s a bad thing, just different. We have to accept our differences a little bit more then usual. That`s all. And to find the way to feel useful, occupied and productive.

Thinking of that, I came to conclusion what is helping me. If I can plan my day from morning to night time, I feel less stressed and more productive. I feel my time is not wasted and I have accomplish something. So I created planner printable to help me with that. Now I can plan my day, including my daily to do list, some fun family activities and also keep track of my mood, health and fitness. Positive mindset is really important in times like this, so I included 5 things I`m grateful for and positive thought of the day. As always, it`s a free printable for you as well, so you can stay positive and productive even at this difficult times.
As you can see, I included 3 different designs with a same content. You can use the one you like, or you can rotate them each day for some fun. 
Also, I will share a few family activities we like. They are great to connect with each other & have some fun:
  1. Karaoke at home
  2. Craft night
  3. Talent show
  4. Old photo albums
  5. Cooking competition
  6. Plant a garden together(balcony or backyard)
  7. Board game night
  8. DIY home project 
  9. Dance party
  10. Have a food taste test
These are just a few activities you can do with your family, but I`m sure you`ll came up with many more. The important thing is to stay connected and positive and to share your feelings, no matter what they are. Others have them too, so sharing will help to overcome this difficult times. Stay at home and stay safe. 
Please find your free copy of my Daily Positivity Planner pages for you to download at the end of the post. Thank you for your continued support and feedback on my blog and on social media, I really appreciate it! If you find my Daily Positivity Planner pages helpful, please let me know in the comments and share with your friends. Much love!

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  1. Your post was very helpful to me. These planners look very nice. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks so much, I`m glad you find it helpful! xx

  2. Thanks for share! Plan your routine is the best way to have a great quarantine:)