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10 Best Digital Marketing Tools for New Businesses

 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools for New Businesses you want to know about!

With so much emphasis on digital marketing today, there's a lot of work to do in making sure your business is positioned to thrive. Getting the most out of any business strategy you employ is as crucial as the strategy itself.

As a business owner, you need to focus on content creation, email marketing, social media marketing, project management, audience data acquisition, and a lot more. Focusing mainly on offline marketing efforts can be an exhausting and costly venture. That is why it's essential to use digital marketing tools.

However, with so many marketing tools available around, you need to invest in the best tools that suit the end goal you're trying to reach with your business. Using as many as possible tools doesn’t guarantee efficiency. The key is using the right tools that'll optimize your efforts. 

We’ve put together 10 of our best tools that any business starting out needs to invest in.

Content Marketing


Hubspot is one important tool you need for your business, no matter what stage of business you're in. 

It's a tool that handles a lot of work for you. From content marketing and sales to contact management by its easy-to-use CRM software, HubSpot helps bring your entire marketing funnel together. 

It gives you access to tools that help with blogging, SEO, webform, social media, landing pages, CTAs, and analytics. It also helps to attract visitors and retain them.

HubSpot is an excellent choice tool with mostly free features. It's an all-encompassing digital marketing tool that allows businesses, especially new ones, to achieve greater success levels within one go.


Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool that allows you to discover content, learn about the market, and analyze your social media topics to know what's doing great and what's not. 

It has a new cool question analyzer feature that enables you to discover the general questions asked on different relevant forums like Quora, Reddit, Facebook, etc.

This digital marketing tool also allows you to see those who shared your content on Facebook and Twitter. 

Email Marketing - Mailchimp

Businesses that thrive in the digital market today make use of email marketing strategy. No matter how archaic emails may seem, they're effortlessly one of the most effective means of marketing available. 

Leading the email marketing providers' game is Mailchimp. With over 12 million users, it provides a simple yet sustainable platform that makes it the best email marketing tool for businesses, especially those just starting out.

Amongst other plans, Mailchimp provides a free one that's suitable for first-level small scale marketing that doesn't exceed 2,000 subscribers. 

Over and above the fact that it’s easy to use, Mailchimp has a functioning self-support feature that makes it stand out from other email marketing tools. Therefore, Mailchimp is a recommended tool to learn email marketing's intricacies when starting out on digital marketing tools.

Content Creation - PosterMyWall

Content is king, and it's the communication link between a business and its customers. 

To get the best value out of business, you need to create the right kind of content through images, videos, and posts that resonate with consumers. 

A significant aspect of content creation is creating designs that'll be used to market content continuously. This is why several big businesses have professional graphic designers that handle all their design needs. 

However, the beautiful part about digital marketing tools is that you may not need a dedicated professional to address those needs anymore. Tools like PosterMyWall make it easy and affordable to create all kinds of marketing content. 

It provides a free and wide range of unique templates for your different social media platforms, blogs, websites, and anywhere possible.

PosterMyWall also covers editing and social media publishing options that make creating and publishing content easy and straightforward.

Social Media Marketing - NinjaOutreach

Social media represents a large area of your business' market. Therefore, having a digital marketing tool that helps you manage these platforms is as essential as using these platforms themselves.

Having to handle Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms all by yourself can be time-consuming and impede the business progress. That's why you should consider using NinjaOutreach. It is a useful tool that allows you to manage your market through these social media platforms. 

NinjaOutreach provides a means that makes it easy for businesses to engage with current and prospective customers effectively. With Ninjaoutreach, you're able to create effective influencer marketing campaigns, find business profiles in any niche and location, and extend your reach to new markets.

Project Management - Trello

Even as a business that’s just starting out, managing projects effectively is a skill you can't do without. The rate at which you can efficiently manage your business projects will determine how productive and goal-reaching your business gets.

One tool that's very appealing to small and medium-sementcale businesses is Trello. It's an excellent organization tool that helps online marketing teams collaborate and considerably manage their projects in the digital space with the right clarity level.

Trello makes it easy to assign several employees to a card, so you can follow up on the different aspects of your team's work like –writing, editing, reviewing, or adding any new features to a post. 

It's free for small teams and businesses and can be the tool you need to effectively manage your team members and projects to hit your goals.

Data Acquisition - Google Analytics

It’s imperative to keep an eye on the data that comes in for your business –whether from social media, your website, or any other online avenue. This is how you know how well your marketing game is thriving, how your clicks are getting converted, and where to improve.

Right now, the best tool for analyzing websites is Google Analytics. Google’s advanced analytics includes different spheres of website information ranging from traffic/visitors' identities, where they come from, how they got through you to your site, and what they do on your website. 

It’s a free tool that takes a few minutes to become a part of your digital marketing plan.

With the data derived, you can adjust and improve your strategy to include social media campaigns that drive traffic to your site and adopt those keywords to enhance organic traffic.

Businesses starting out need to consider the different options they have and work with the one that gives the best leads. Google Analytics is a valuable tool in this sphere. 

Ecommerce Marketing - Shopify

Having an ecommerce tool that helps you effectively break away from the confines of a typical brick-and-mortar store is vital. You can use the avenue to create more opportunities and reach out to a broader target audience. 

An ecommerce marketing tool that needs to become an integral part of your day-to-day business is Shopify. It's a leading omnichannel commerce platform that allows you to sync essential customer data with your Shopify ecommerce system automatically. 

The features available help you showcase your product, process payment, and manage your day-to-day online store. It offers free and paid themes and apps, growth opportunities through its growth channels, and an excellent support team that's readily available.

Customer Service - Zendesk

Effective customer service and relationship strategy are essential to uplift your brand image. You need to use a productive tool to make this happen.

 Zendesk is the tool for the job. It provides full suite features that can help you respond to all your customer's needs effectively. On top of that, the tool also allows businesses to create their own support forum.

It collects your different communication channels together and gives a simple avenue to respond to all your calls, chats, and emails. 

This digital marketing tool easily integrates with social marketing platforms that streamline your social media content to maximize your efforts.

Take advantage of this tool and ensure that you're responding to all of your incoming messages effectively.

Research/Seo Marketing - Ahrefs

An essential part of any digital marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO) of your content. One tool that can ensure that you have up-to-date optimized content that appeals to search engines is Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is an all-inclusive SEO tool that helps you with competitive analysis and punches up website traffic.

What makes Ahrefs stand out is that its Top Pages tool allows you to check what's happening with your competitors, see how their contents are ranked, and identify your own content's fundamental weaknesses.

It offers you the best backlinks tool to get an edge over your competition.


Having a successful online marketing strategy means that you use the right tools to optimize your efforts. Listed above are some efficient tools you can capitalize on to get your desired business success. 

Take advantage of these tools to get the best results.

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