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10 Fabulous Christmas DIY Crafts - Pinterest

Here are 10 awesome ideas for diy Christmas decorations you can do this holiday season! This easy and inexpensive ideas will give you so much inspiration!
10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
1. Giant Candy Cane

10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts


This fun and cute idea is very easy to make. You can make a paper mache technique, like this one, or use a pool noodle, add a piece of wire inside, form a candy cane and wrap in red and white tinsel garland. 

2.Christmas Tree Stand Using Photo Frames

10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
This idea is very creative and inexpensive and gives you the opportunity to really customize your tree stand. Wrap your photo frames in favorite colors and glue them together and you`re done! 

3. Salt Dough Ornaments (Scented)

10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
Salt dough ornaments are perfect craft to do with kids or friends. You can make them really fancy or simple, it`s up to you. They look great both on the Christmas tree or on presents.  You can also add a favorite essential oil to the dough to give them a beautiful scent. 

4. DIY Christmas Cotton Pom Pom Garland
10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
Who knew that everyday items can be used in so many ways, like this cotton balls. This project is very easy and inexpensive. All you need is 2 bags of cotton balls, needle and thread to make a unique and cute pom pom garland.

5.DIY Christmas Snowflake Wreath
10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
Cheap Christmas tree turned into a beautiful wreath. Just separate branches from the tree, shape then like a star and add embellishments. 

6. DIY Mop Gnomes
10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
Gnomes are very popular, and you can make your own in no time with this idea. Use a foam cone, glue the mop treads on it and finish with a sock for the hat and a wood bead for the nose.

7. DIY Vintage Bells From Recycled Soda Cans
10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
If you are a vintage lover, this bells will be perfect project for you. Use an old soda can, cut it an add colors to make it look rusty and old. Add them to your wreath or on the mantel for beautiful Christmas touch. 

8. Christmas Paper Bag Stars From Lunch Bags
10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
Another great idea to use everyday items as a Christmas decor. You will need 7 or 9 lunch bags, glue and a piece of thread to hang them. Total time- 5 minutes!

9.DIY Nutcracker Using Cardboard 
10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
Beautiful lifesize Nutcracker made of old cardboard pieces? Yes, it`s possible and easy. Put the pieces together and have fun decorating him. 

10. DIY Pinecone Wreath
10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts
Nature is always the best shopping center and everything is free. This pinecone wreath is so lovely and festive. You can use a foam wreath form or make your from cardboard. Paint your pinecones white and with a glue gun glue them to your wreath form, or use a piece of floral wire to attach  them. Add a few small ornaments, birds or bow to finish it up. 

Hope you like this Christmas DIY ideas and feel inspired to make your Christmas decor. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.
10 Amazing Christmas DIY Crafts - PIN ME
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  1. Great DIY ideas, loved especially cotton pom pom garland .


  2. these are really great diy ideas for christmas.... i love them.

    Glowyshoe's blog

    1. Thank you, I`m really glad you like them.

  3. These DIY ideas are just amazing. Wonderful Post! Have a great day!
    Rampdiary | Fineartandyou | Beautyandfashionfreaks 

  4. Nice post.
    I love Christmas Decors and I enjoy the time spent decorating.
    Thanks for sharing.