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Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

In this article: Here are my tips on how to decorate for Valentine`s Day in a more elevated, elegant and classy way. 

Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

Valentines Day is coming and we have to think about decorating our homes to make it special. Of course you want to make your home beautiful, but sometimes decorating can go the other way. 

To make sure this is not happening, let`s talk about:

- Things you SHOULD NOT DO, and 

- Things you SHOULD DO

Ok, let`s start with things you SHOULD NOT DO

- Don`t buy/use cheap, tacky decor!! This will make your home look kitschy, instead of making it lovely and beautiful. Stay away from lots of colorful hearts, signs and garlands that looks tacky and cheap.

Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating
- Do not use to much color. Not everything have to be pink and red in your home for the Valentine`s Day. Pink can be very kitschy, especially bright, vivid pink. However, if you decide to use this colors, try not to overdo it.

- Do not add Valentine`s Day decor everywhere in your home. Not every corner of your home needs to scream it`s Valentine`s Day! You don`t need to add heart printed pillows on your sofa, or to cover your walls with cute signs (no matter how cute they are). Dress your home like dressing yourself. If you add to much color, jewerly or makeup, you will inevitable look cheap, so why doing it to your home?

Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

- Do not buy or use Valentine`s decor that doesn`t coordinate with the style of your home. Can you imagine using hearts and kisses in a French chateau? Or in a classic English country home..? It will look ridiculous, right? Try to find alternative ways to make your home romantic and beautiful, other then regular Valentine`s decor you can find in stores.

Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

Now when we know what NOT to do, let`s think about the things you SHOULD DO in your home for Valentine`s Day to make it festive, but elegant and classy.

Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

- Use fresh/faux flowers to create beautiful bouquets around the house. Of course you can use pink/red roses, peonies etc. Combine them with white flowers and some greenery to make lovely arrangements that are going to elevate your coffee table, kitchen island or a dresser in your bedroom. 

Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

- Make lovely little vignettes with candles, flowers and everyday decor to bring the holiday spirit without overdoing it. Nothing says "romance" like flowers and candles.

Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

- Use classy bowls or jars to display candy and other treats. Avoid using cheap jars with hearts and kisses on them. Instead use simple jars with cork or wooden lids, or beautiful apothecary jars. You can also use wooden bowls in a more organic shape, or a beautiful ceramic bowls. If you don`t have any, just use simple white bowls. 

- Use your imagination and make your own decor that reflects your style. Of course you can buy gorgeous decor pieces in a high end stores, but if you are looking to stay on a budget why not DIY it. There is so much ideas you can find on Pinterest or on the internet in general, just find what you like and can do. For example, you can use a simple grapevine wreath, add nice faux/real flowers and stems to make beautiful Valentine` s wreath.  

Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

- Shop your home and use what you have! This is a rule for every holiday, not just for Valentine`s Day. Use your soft blankets, floral pillows and lots of candles to make your home cozy and romantic. Also, if you have lovely floral artwork, this is the moment to put it in use. Use vases, busts and other decor to make your home look romantic but elegant and sophisticated. When arranging the decor pieces, always use books or pretty boxes to make different height and make groupings in uneven numbers, (I like to use three objects) to make visual interest.

Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

- Buy only the things that you`re going to love in years to come. I know it`s tempting to buy inexpensive objects that looks cute. But, before doing that, ask yourself do you want to use it next year. If the answer is "Probably not", or "I`m not sure", just forget it and find something you really love.  Nice decor pieces are more expensive, but they looks classy and you can use them year after year, so they will pay of for sure. 

Whatever you do, make sure to do something nice and memorable for your loved ones. Things do not last forever, but our memories do! Happy Valentine`s Day!

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Tips for Elegant Valentine’s Decorating

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