Happy Birthday Cancer!

This is the time for Cancer folks to celebrate their birthdays—from June 21st to July 22nd. I thought I would tell you a bit about these special Crabs and what makes them so unique.

For starters, Cancers are truly home-loving and very protective individuals. They are quite attached to their children. Cancer women most often consider motherhood their job. Cancer men are excellent fathers. For the Cancer, parenting and being a parent is literally their whole life. They are known for saying to their children: "I have given up my whole life for you," with a Cancer, it is actually true!

Cancer is a sign that has some contradictions you can easily see. Cancers can find parting with money to be difficult. While they can be very frugal in some ways, they will turn around and be incredibly frivolous in other ways. Another example is that many Cancers are absolute immaculate with their personal grooming, but when it comes to their personal space they can be quite messy.

Now, the Cancer folks are known for having moods, but they have been given a very bad reputation in astrology for this. Actually a Cancer will do quite a lot to try to get out of a bad mood. Sometimes Cancers have a problem relating to their having bad moods, such as a thyroid or blood sugar problem.

Some might say that Cancer’s have a pair of rose-colored glasses firmly on at all times: they view life quite mystically and romantically. Even if they are older, they still dream of their true love coming around the corner for them. Often the Cancer is quite demure when it comes to matters of the heart.

Cancers are great friends, lovers and especially parents. If you have a Cancer in your life, you are certainly lucky! Happy Birthday Cancer!! My B-day was on Jun 22st.  
I had a little party with my friends and family. It was casual and nice and i really enjoyed. Now, when time for celebration is over, i will return to my work in the kitchen. Soon follows story of painting my kitchen cabintes and of course some new pics.
Until then I wish you a nice and successful week!


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