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Lately I have received several requests from other bloggers to introduce their blogs and share their posts on my blog. 
There is so much inspiration in blogland, so I thought it would be great idea to bring you a closer look at some blogs, and wanted to do a regular feature on my blog. 
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Every weekend, if you contact me and provide me with a post that is related to the topic of my blog and home decor, I will introduce your blog, and you will have a opportunity to tell us a little bit more about your blogs. If you want to introduce your blog to my readers, please contact me on mail vesna.gavrilovic7@gmail.com.
Today I have the pleasure to introduce Kathy Joe, blogger at The Yorkshire linen. I think you'll find some great ideas in this post, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

U poslednje vreme sam dobila nekoliko zahteva od drugih blogera da ih predstavim i objavim njihove postove na mom blogu.
Svi znamo koliko inspirativnih blogova ima u našem blogosvetu, pa sam mislila da bi bila odlična ideja da vam približim neke blogove, a i da to postane redovna rublika na mom blogu. 
Pravila su vrlo jednostavna, potrebno je samo da mi se pridružite i pratite moj blog. 
Svakog vikenda, ako mi se javite i pošaljete mi post koji je povezan sa temom mog bloga i uređenjem enterijera, ja ću predstaviti jedan blog, a vi ćete imati priliku da kažete nešto više o svom blogu. 
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Danas imam zadovoljstvo da vam predstavim Kathy Joe, blogera sa bloga The Yorkshire linen. Mislim da ćete pronaći nekoliko sjajnih ideja u njenom postu, zato kafu u ruke i uživajte.

Hello everyone! I am Kathy Joe and I am over-whelmed to be guest posting here today. Home decor defines me as a person because I love going in the depth of it and creating endless possibilities. I would love it if you stopped by my blog.

8 Tips for a Poetic, Artistic Bedroom (including cushion covers etc)

When decorating the bedroom it can be hard to achieve the unique and
personal look that you crave, especially when you are tied to a fixed
budget and reliant on sourcing your furniture, accessories and soft
furnishing from the department stores that everyone uses to decorate
their rooms. The following points will help you to make your bedroom
stand out from the crowd: read on and see how!

1 Repurpose Items

Snap up interesting features and pieces of furniture for use in your
bedroom after a little work. For example, you can arrange an old mantel
pieces at the head of your bed, suitably padded and softened with fabric
and foam to create a unique, distinctive and very attractive headboard.
Almost anything can be repurposed with a little imagination and
ingenuity, but do have an idea before you buy and carry home tonnes of
old bits and pieces!

 2 Cushions

Fill your bedroom with cushions and make sure that you have plenty of
different covers for them all. This will mean that you are able to
change the décor scheme quickly and easily, transforming the appearance
of the room in minutes! Pile plenty of cushions on the bed, or even on
the floor (especially outsize floor cushions that are invaluable as
extra seating!) to give the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

 3 Keep it Simple!

Opt for clean simple lines to create a wonderful blank canvas in your
bedroom: and then add an artistic swirl of colour and movement to
enliven and brighten the entire space! You will quickly see how keeping
the walls essentially plain apart from one or two dramatic and artistic
‘statements’ will make the room pop with creativity.
 4 Colour Love

If you adore bright colours and a multitude of hues, indulge your love
of colours by implementing as many as you can in your bedroom! Do be
careful though, most décor schemes use only three colours as more than
that can have a muddling and confusing effect on the eye of the
beholder. Introduce your main colours, and then experiment with adding
touches of additional shades and tones to find the best effect.
 5 Back to Nature

Plants and cut flowers make a wonderful impression in every room and
this includes the bedroom. If you love gardening invest in a couple of
pot plants and have them thriving on a window sill or dressing table in
good light, but if you are all thumbs (and not green ones!) when it
comes to gardening, opt for a weekly bunch of flowers, either bought or
begged from a horticultural neighbour instead! No matter which form of
natural greenery you opt for make sure that there is going to be plenty
of air coming in at night when plants switch to using oxygen, rather
than making it – you do not want to feel suffocated and airless in the
middle of the night!

 6 Personalise It

Make the bedroom your own by putting your, name on the wall, using
monogramed bed linen and cushions or even have your initials engraved
onto the wardrobe or cupboard doors. While this may seem to be something
of a grandiloquent and unnecessary gesture, you will soon see how it
can give your bedroom décor a wonderfully unique look.
 7 Focal Point and Signature Pieces

Your bed will inevitably be an automatic focal point in your bedroom and
you can choose to enhance this by playing up the bed linens and
cushions piled onto the bed, or you can opt to install a secondary focal
point by carefully placing a beautiful piece of furniture (such as an
ornate dressing table or a cosy, two-seater sofa) in a strategic

 8 Add in a Touch of Whimsy

To really play up the differences between you and other people, you must
display a little of yourself in your décor. The safest way to do this
is by introducing your sense of humour. Cute and funny ornaments, nods
to your childhood and retro features will all combine to show off your
individuality without revealing too much of your inner self to all who
see the room.


  1. Hi Vesna and Kathy Joe - Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing these tips for the bedroom. I love pillows and the more, the merrier!
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