Rules Of Design

This post was created in response to invitation from Invaluable.com, world`s premiere online auction marketplace. People for Invaluable came across my blog, and after checking it out they thought I would be perfect for a project they're running. They're looking for bloggers to share with their readers their top three tips and tricks for designing a room. 

The question is how do I get inspired and what are the focal points in a space: furniture or artwork? What adds the finishing touch to a space? 

So, let see....
For me, interior design is creative process that never ends. It`s that eternal urge to make every space beautiful and functional.
But, if I have to put in three rules, it will be:
Rule No 1: Shape and function
First important thing is the shape and size of the space. It`s because they are the deciding factor in the choice of furniture or appliances. Choosing the right pieces makes all the difference, because choosing the wrong pieces creates the impression of crowded and cluttered or empty, unfinished space. Another key element is function of the space. Every good design plan most certainly depends on fact who is going to live in it, and for what they are going to use it.
Rule No 2:  Make it personal
If you want to turn living space into a really home, it`s going to need your personal touch. Your own selection of colors, patterns and artistic items can make all the difference. Because, it`s never enough to have good and functional furniture and appliances. They are only the starting point in a process of creating a home. Without that special, personal touch, it`s only a hotel room for me. No matter how much we all love luxury hotel suite, all the same we have that wonderful feeling when we get back home. That`s why my answer to the question have to be: artwork and collectibles. Of course, sometimes furniture also can act like art (and lately very often are), but for me artworks and collectibles are the focal point that makes house a home. A good new piece of artwork may cause  "attack of madness" and make me turn my whole house upside down in order to make it work in the space. 
For example, this fabulous Andy Warhol`s poster La Grande Passion Poster (see all the details here), I found at Invaluable's fine art page. That piece blows my mind!! Such a bright, vibrant summery colors! As you all know, I recently styled my bar, so I think this poster would be a great complement above it. Also, it goes perfectly with summer colors I choose for my home and makes me think of delicious cocktails that we are going to make whole summer.
Rule No 3: Mix and mach
When I go back and think about my home, all the changes we have, I realize that my style can hardly be categorized as one particular style. Fine dose of eclecticism is really what works for me. The last few years I was mostly attracted to French country and Shabby chic, but also there was always a desire for a slightly different styles that include some modern and chic elements. 
When I`m buying things for my home, I always chose things that means something to me and makes me feel good. To mix and mach everything you have is not that hard. The most important thing is that you like it and feel good and relaxed in the space. Of course, I always try to take care of rule No. 1 (I fail sometimes, but it`s ok). That`s the main reason why I chose to design my home. Using my creative mix of furniture, inspiring artwork, books and details, we got a happy space tailored just for us.

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