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Easy Gallery Wall - No Nails

Creating a gallery wall in your home can be an affordable way to transform a room with the prints, paintings, photographs, illustrations or personal pieces. Today I`m sharing easy method to make DIY Gallery Wall with no holes in the wall! This botanical gallery wall is so fun and quick to make you can finished it in a 20 minutes and that, my friends, is hard to beat!
Easy Gallery Wall
If you love gallery walls like me and hate making holes in the walls, you`ll love this project. I wanted gallery wall on that wall for such a long time, but I kept putting it off because we have so much trouble with our walls. Since they are concrete, you can`t just use a nail and hammer, because they can`t go into that walls. In order to hang art you need to drill hole, and for that you need special, powerful drill. Since my hubby have only a regular drill, making holes my friends, is a 😒... Now multiple that with 10 and you`ll immediately understand why I love this project so much.
Easy Gallery Wall
Here is what you will need:
1. Botanical prints (or any other prints, photos, drawings etc.)
2. Mini natural clothes pins
3. Double sided tape or command strips 

Start of with printing your desired prints. You can also use your family photos, paintings, photographs, illustrations, personal pieces
or any other images you like. I chose botanical prints because I love flowers and that dark corner of my entryway needed something nice to bring him to life. You can find prints like that on so many different sites, but try to stay in similar colors and style.

Easy Gallery Wall
Next step is to plan your gallery wall. Balance and symmetry are key to creating a gallery wall that works. I used prints that are all the same size, so I arranged them on the wall with a washi tape in two rows with spacing about 1¼ inches (3 centimeters) apart to make each piece stand out on its own. 
Easy Gallery Wall
Now is the time to add double sided tape on one side of your clothes pin and replace your washi tape with it. Attache your print with clothes pin and repeat until all clothes pins and prints are on the wall.Finally stay back and admire your beautiful, new gallery wall.
Best part: You can change your art any time you like, or remove your gallery wall completely without damaging your wall. 

Easy Gallery WallEasy Gallery Wall - No Nails
Easy Gallery Wall

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