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How to Get Your Space Photo Shoot Worthy

This post is all about tips and secrets on how to get the magazine worthy look in your home. Imagine your dream home is just a step away, because it is. With this easy and budget friendly tips, you can completely and instantly transform the way your home looks!
You know the feeling when you look at the photos of homes you admire and keep asking yourself why they look so much better than yours? You have great furniture, rugs and freshly painted walls, so why doesn’t it feel like your Pinterest dream home?! Let`s be honest. There is no house that looks nice and organized all the time! After all, this is a place where we live, not a museum!
But, there is a way to achieve that look. Bloggers and designers use it all the time. I also get a lot of questions from my relatives and friend how I manage to get the look of the light, bright, organized and beautiful photos of my home. Some of them even think we don`t eat and cook there!! But we do! Every - single - day!
So, what`s the secret? When it comes to interior design everything is in the details!! Believe me, this is the whole truth! If you closely flip through my photos or photos in design magazines, you’ll notice a few tricks that makes all the difference from "nice space” to "omg - I want to live there!"
Today, I’m sharing all the little secrets I use every time I have a photo shoot, so stay tuned because this will completely transform the way your home looks once you try it.
1. Fresh Flowers and Plants are a must
Looks again your favorite homes on Pinterest or any issue of your interior design magazines and you’ll immediately notice that every room has flowers or plants. They add color, texture and breath of life into any space, so don`t hesitate to spend a little money on flowers because it will make a big impact in your space. Even a fresh brunches from your backyard will do the trick!
2. Dress Up Your Coffee and Accent Tables
Because it’s the centerpiece of the living space, how a coffee table (and accent tables) is styled can completely change the look of the room. 
It`s also one of the easiest ways to make your home look like a professionally designed space. Use trays or coffee table books to arrange accent pieces like candles, decorative objects or flowers. Try different groupings - from one single arrangement to three, four, or five, but be aware of size of your table. Just keep in mind that items you use are to scale to the table.
3. Use a Fresh Fruits and Vegetables on Kitchen Counters
Did you ever notice how beautiful kitchens always have a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables elegantly displayed on the countertop? It makes a huge difference! I love using lemons, apples, or pomegranate (one of my personal styling favorites for the winter) This is the perfect way to add a pop of color and some extra visual interest. For extra texture add freshly baked cake or bread on a chopping board!

4. Layer In Pillows and Throw Blankets
As I said before, details can make or break a space. Pillows and throw blankets are one of important details you need for your main living space. If you want to have that instant "welcome to my cozy space" feeling, then brought in layers of textiles and cozy accessories. For throw pillows, I like to style with the rule of five: three pillows on one side and two on the other. Always try to have varied textures for your pillows and throws to add extra interest and dimension. This is especially important if you are using all neutral colors. 

5. Spruce Up Your Open Shelving
Okay, let’s be honest, we all collect things and become very attached to them. They have a great sentimental value to us, but for the sake of a good design, it’s best to stay on a minimal side when it come to what to display on your open shelving. Always keep in mind to do less for the start to keep from overwhelming your living space. After all, you can always add more. If you have a large library and don`t like the colorful spines, try turning the spines of the books, so that the neutral pages are at the forefront. When it comes to adding the decorative pieces, group like items in odd numbers and try to have a variety of height. Also, make sure there’s a variety of items included in each arrangement, like books, sculptural pieces, plants, photos, candles.

6. Upgrade Your Bedroom

This is an easy one. Change your regular sheets and use the nice one. Add a ton of pillows on a bed and a nice throw blanket on a bench or chair (try just to loosely throw it on, instead of arranging it to much - it will look much more natural), add a little vase with a few flowers on a night stand and a nice piece of jewerly. Bonus tip: You can also add a tray with some fresh juice or coffee and a piece of pastries on a bad for an extra touch.

7. Polish Your Bathroom
For the bathroom it`s essential to be a spot on clean. Shine all the surfaces so they look nice and new (even if their not). If you can, create a harmonious color palette with your shower curtain, rugs and towels (add nice turkish towels if you can, they add so much texture and interest to the space - and they are super trendy). Display nice products and perfumes on the shelves and add candles on the bath tub for the spa feeling. For an extra touch and color add a bowl full of nice looking soaps and bath bombs. 
Last but not least, always use a natural day light if you making photos of your space, this is a best and totally free light you can use. 
Let me know what are your favorite tips or secrets and don`t forget to pin this for later!

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