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Summer Must Have Dresses / Talever

Recently I discovered Talever Online Clothing and that inspired me to talk about one of the easiest, yet most comfortable and quickest outfits for the summer - The Dress! Why I love dresses so much?
  1. Because, it`s just one piece of clothing, and you can put in on in seconds (literally); 
  2. Because, it can make you feel so comfortable, like you are wearing nothing (if it right fit and fabric);
  3. Because, you don`t spend hours thinking what to wear with what;
  4. Because, you can find the right dress for any occasion and body type;
  5. Because, you will look and feel put together for less (buying one, instead of at least two pieces of clothing).
If that`s not enough, then I`m sorry, no one can help you! :D
Now, back to the Talever. They sell a wide range of clothing, from tops, bottoms, suits, jumpsuits to dresses and more. Speaking of dresses, they have dresses for any occasion and style, like casual, boho, maxi, of the shoulder, mini, formal etc. Everything is really affordable and the shipping is worldwide  (free for USA and worldwide free over $39). 

First one I chosen is this striped, blue and white maxi dress. This is one of the dresses that can never go out of style, no matter what`s in trend right now. Investing in timeless items is the right way to build capsule wardrobe and always look stylish.
Speaking of timeless, little black dress is all time favorite for the women all over the world. Another timeless is a polka dot pattern, so I love this dress for featuring both, but in elegant and trendy way.
You can never go wrong with gold or silver for the party. This of the shoulder dress also have a beautiful flare sleeves, which are on trend for the past few years.
Summer wouldn’t be summer without a florals and pretty dresses – and this season is not different. Big white flowers on black is classic combination I always love. A-line is also one of my favorites, because it hugs the body in all the right places, and hides the imperfections. 

Ice cream/pastel hues are no brainer, but they are so trendy this season, head to toe. This might look like to much to you, but it’s what designer tell us to do! Just open your wardrobe door, select every pastel item in sight, and stack those ice cream shades one on top of another like your favorite scoops.
I know it`s early spring right now, but it won't be long before we're all leaving on holidays in pretty summer dresses, so it's best to start thinking about them now. Check out the Talever  for trendy dresses and much more. 

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  1. Anonymous4/23/2018

    Haljine su zaista jako lepe. Dopada mi se izbor koji si napravila. Svaka čast!!

    Novi post je na mom blogu. Pogledaj ako imaš vremena: Adda's Life

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  3. Oh dear!! please don't show so many beautiful dresses, otherwise I cannot stop myself from shopping.. *smile*

  4. I used to hate dresses but now I love ♥ Floral dress is amazing.

  5. wow great selection :D