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Free Summer Planner Printables

If you are regular here on the blog, then you`ll remember my FREE Personal Planner 2018I am continuing with more FREE Summer Planner Printables for you to add to your Personal Planner 2018. These pages will allow you to stay organized and fit this summer. 
Okay. So let’s get to it. This Planner addition contains 3 sheets. Here’s what you’ll get: 
First one is your Summer Wish List! I now we all have list of things we want to buy for the new season and future vacations, right! I designed this page because it`s so much more convenient to have all your favorite summer items in one place and keep track of your shopping. This way you can search online and offline for the best deals and save money.
Second one is about having that perfect, healthy body shape for the cute bikini (which are on the wish list :), and one of the most important tasks is to stay on track with the meals. Having the Weekly Meal Planner is the best thing ever! 
You can plan your whole week ahead, buy everything you need and plan, not just your healthy meals, but also your budget and save money (for the dream vacation :). This will help you stay on track with your diet and stay away from bad food, because if you have good food at home it`s more likely you`re going it to eat it. This is much healthier and better solution for you, even if you`re not on some special diet and not trying to lose weight. 
This, combined with the right amount of workout (if you subscribe at the end of the post, you can get your Free Workout Log) will give you that perfect body shape you want this summer. Strong, healthy body is not just beautiful, it makes you feel better, stronger and happier. 
Third one is more of a general planner printable - Password Keeper - to keep all your passwords in one place, so you don`t have to look for them all over the place, or change your passwords whenever you forget them. 

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That`s it guys! Hope you like your new printables and find them helpful. I`m planning to share more fun and interesting summer planner printables soon, so stay tuned for that! 
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