DIY Placemat Summer Straw Clutch Bag

Todays DIY is one of the best ideas out there! Yes, you heard me! Maybe Even The Best! Why, you`ll ask? Because we are making a beautiful summer straw clutch / bag (you can made it with or without the strap)! This DIY is easy, quick and oh - so cheap because it`s made out of the ordinary placement from your kitchen!! Basically, if you already have the placement and some cute fringes and trimmings, it`s free! 
What you need:
- straw placemat,
- glue gun or needle and thread,
- wooden beads,
fringes and trimmings.

1.Fold in the sides of the placemat and clip down with clothes pins or bull clips.
2. Squeeze a good amount of hot glue in the lower part of left and right corners or saw with a heavy duty thread. I decide to saw mine, just because I think this will make my clutch sturdier. 
3. When both sides are glued down (or sawn), fold up the bottom of the placemat as shown;
4. Saw the wooden beads on the top flap - first the center one, then left and right one; 
5. I also saw a top folds just a little. You can also add a teeny bit of hot glue and then place the clothes pins there to allow the glue to dry. This keeps those folded corners neatly in place so bag looks more professionally done.
6. Add the magnetic snaps and secure then into place. You just need to push the clasp portion of the snap through the placemat and pinch them into place. Tip: To easily find the right spot for the lower part of snap, add it on the upper part, close the flap, mark the spot and push it in place.
7. Now on the fun part - decorating. Use your cute fringes and trimmings to dress up your bag. I hot glued colorful on top, white with a pom poms underneath the top flap and added another on top.
8. For the strap I wanted to use a wooden beads (a bit smaller than the ones for the closure) and saw them on either side of the bag (you can see how it looks on the photo). I wasn`t sure do I want it or not, so for now, I decided to leave it without and wear it as a clutch, but maybe I`ll add it later. 
And that`s it! Your beautiful, unique summer straw clutch bag is finished. Now you can style it with your favorite hat, shoes and clothing. Cute!
Okey, I hope now you`ll agree with me that this is a cutest summer  DIY ever!! Please, even if you`ll never ever DIY anything before, try this one! You`ll be amazed how easy it is and how good this bag looks out of nearly nothing. Go out, buy a placemat, some fringe and start making your cutest summer bag. Your friends will go nuts when you tell them you made this clutch out of placemat! You`ll become a DIY legend!
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  1. Post je super i jako mi se dopada.Tutorijali su odlicni.<3


  2. Tutorial je zaista presladak, draga! Torbica je predivna!
    Puno pozdrava! <3

  3. What a great idea. Look so good.

  4. This is so beautiful and smart idea..

  5. great idea, nice clutch

  6. Hello dear,
    great post!
    Have a nice day

    1. Thanks so much darling, same to you! xx

  7. Wow, it's great idea! I have to try it!

    1. Thanks dear, I`m glad you like it! xx

  8. great post

  9. What a great idea! It looks so cute, I will try this in Summer (:

    CM | XIII.

  10. Zanimljiv DIY,nije nesto sto bih trenutno primenila ali ako bude ikad prilike pratim tvoje ideje ♥
    Ako zelis follow-follow javi mi

  11. So cool! Great clutch!
    Have a nice day

  12. Kako ti imas dobre ideje :D nikad mi ne bi palo na pamet ovako nesto :) predivno <3

  13. Sjajna ideja i predivan rezultat! :)


  14. This clutch looks fantastic! Thanks for this useful DIY!!


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  16. Upisujem se i ja kao novi pratilac .zanimljivo i da se ne ponavljam fantasticno i sjajno. (Sve ovo bez naocara i na phonu ) Dobro dosli ;)

    1. Hvala najlepše draga Daco! Srdačan pozdrav i lep vikend! :)

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