How To Live Large In A Small Condo

Living in a small space can be tricky and sometimes hard. If you are living in a small apartment or downsizing, don’t go the typical small space decorating route. 
Instead, rely on this 10 small space decorating secrets that can help it to look bigger, better and brighter.
10 small space decorating secrets
1. Open Concept 
When living in a really small condo, it`s very important to try removing all the unnecessary walls. Having the open-concept floor plan will create great flow in the space, more light and therefore feeling of having more space in general.
10 small space decorating secrets
2. Go Big
Common misconception with small spaces is to use small furniture. That sound kind a logic, but, it`s totally wrong! Filling the space with a lot of small pieces of furniture will make it feel cluttered and messy. Instead of making a big mish-mash of smaller items, use less furniture, but choose bigger pieces. This will anchor the space and provide more seating/storage space and overall feeling of order and style.
10 small space decorating secrets10 small space decorating secrets
3. Be creative
Speaking of storage, this is one of the biggest issues with small spaces. So, think outside the box and be creative. For example, using a really inexpensive storage units from IKEA can be a great solution. You can customise them with a new knobs, paint or even wallpaper to stand out and reflect your style, or to blend with the walls and "disappear". Other great idea is to use IKEA (or some other) storage bench on one side of a dining table. Add two, three or as much as you can. It can function as a storage and the seating at the same time. Just change the knobs with some stylish ones and you will have a great space saver. 
10 small space decorating secrets
4. Make a Termination Point
By putting the piece or furniture, like beautiful credenza in front of the window in the living room, you can make a focal point and a terminational point in the space. This way you`ll have a beautiful vista when you come in.
10 small space decorating secrets
5. Keep everything open
To keep the space light and airy, use furniture with open back, furniture on a long, slim legs or glass/acrylic furniture. This way your eyes will travel through and furniture will not feel chunky. 
10 small space decorating secrets
6. Make statement with art and accessories
Accessorizing any space is a key to show of who you are. So, it is  very important to chose right pieces, since you`re dealing with a limited space and have to chose less items. Things like art, blankets, pillows, decorative pieces will round up your story and really show your style. My suggestion is to chose big art pieces that really mean something to you and cover the space on the wall above the sofa. For the dining room you can use big, statement mirror opposite the window to make space bigger and filed with light. Stay away from cluttering the open shelves with a bunch of small items, use few bigger instead and always leave a negative space around it to make it feel airy.
10 small space decorating secrets
7.Wisible bed as a focal point
Often in a small condo you can`t really hide the bed. So, why not make it a focal point. Dress it up with a nice decorative pillows and blankets and it will look almost like a daybed. And don`t be afraid to show it, we all have to sleep, right? Another good idea for the "bedroom" is to use a cute chairs instead of the nightstands. This way they will serve a double duty and you can pull them out for extra seating whenever you have guests. 
10 small space decorating secrets
8. Hiding stuff away is a way
Use storage bins, baskets, old suitcases or anything you have to hide away anything you don`t want to see. It`s perfectly ok to have stuff, but you don`t want things everywhere in the space. By using bins, baskets etc., you can stay organized even in a smallest space. 
10 small space decorating secrets
9. Change accessories
Living in a small space can make you feel squeezed and boring. Changing small details and accessories seasonally, are the breath of fresh air in a space and makes everything feels new and refreshed. After all, accessories are the cheapest way to make the change any time you want and they will make the space look different and put together.
10 small space decorating secrets
10. Leave space to evolve over time
Being a blogger and home decorator and living in a small condo for a long time, makes me realized that it is a task that is never done. As time goes by, our needs are changing and the space evolves with them. So I always move things around, add new or get rid of things we don`t use/need any more. There is no rule, so go with the flow and organize your space in the way to serve your needs and makes you happy.
10 small space decorating secrets
These are the tips I use in the space, and the result is a condo that has all the comforts of a house. Hope you`ll find them helpful!
10 small space decorating secrets
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