Get Rid of Dark Circles / DIY and Natural

Want to now how to get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes? Just keep reading, because today I`m sharing two recipes that can help you look better and younger! Best part- you can made this products at home easily and they are organic!
Hi friends! Today I'm back with another natural & effective DIY. If you are regular on my blog, you`ll know I`m all about natural and organic products for the skin. That`s why I`m always on the search for the new recipes I can make at home.
Homemade products are my favorite because I know there is no nasty things in them which can damage my skin or health. So far, I shared a few recipes here, including my Homemade Hand Cream Recipe and All Natural Body Scrub, but today I`m all about tackling this dark circles and under eye bags!

This is two step procedure with DIY mask and balm. These homemade products will help you remove/reduce dark circles, bags and puffiness under the eyes. They're super cooling and gentle on the skin and absolutely safe to use! 
How much time, effort and money we spend to cover dark circles? Let me say it, too much!! So many women (and men) are suffering from this condition and have a daily issue with it. That`s why we try and use every new product and technique in order to make them disappear (or just look a little less visible). 
I've always suffered from extreme dark circles due to genetics, lack of sleep and water, so these  products are a great way to help me improve my dark circles and keep them away!

The most important part is to massage the under the eyes, which will help with lymphatic drainage and reducing the dark circles. Also, it`s extremely important to have enough sleep, drink enough water and stay away from the computer as much as possible. This way we are treating the cause, not the consequence, which is much more effective!

DIY Under the eye mask
First I`m going to share the recipe for the under the eye mask, which is so refreshing and cooling, but also very nourishing  and gentle for this sensitive area.
Eye Mask recipe: 
- 1/2 Cucumber juice 
- 1 Bunch fresh mint
- 2 tbs Rose water
- 1/2 Lemon juice 
- Cotton pads
Grate the cucumber and put it in a blender with a bunch of fresh mint and blend until everything is combined.
DIY under the eye mask
DIY under the eye mask
Drain the juice in a bowl and try to save as much as you can. Add rose water and lemon juice and mix together.
diy under the eye mask
diy under the eye mask for dark circles
Cut cotton pads in half (first disinfect the scissors with alcohol) and saturate them in the mixture. Use as many pads as you can-this amount of juice should be enough for a week or more. 
diy under the eye mask for dark circles

Keep them in a freezer or fridge and use as a mask under the eyes every night before sleep. Leave them on for about 15 minutes and use that time to relax. 
Now, let`s move to another step, which is the Eye Balm. The hydrating formula works to strengthen and moisture the delicate skin around the eyes to keep shadows from returning.
Eye Balm recipe: 
- 2 tsp Coconut oil 
- 1-2 tsp Sweet almond oil 
- 1 tsp Vitamin E oil or 4 capsules 
- Small container

diy eye balm
Melt coconut oil, add almond oil and vitamin E, stir well to combine everything and store into the fridge to set (firm). 
diy eye balm
diy natural eye balm
diy vegan eye mask
Use after the mask every evening. For application use a cotton bud,  to make sure everything is always nice and clean. For best results massage it counter - clockwise for about 10 minutes (if you have the time). Also make sure to massage under the eye more then upper eyelid. 
Tip: store it in a fridge, for the additional cooling effect. Use time: unlimited. 
Note: Don`t wash it after the massage, let it stay over night, it`s perfect for your under eye area, especially due to a vitamin E.

That`s it guys. For the best results make sure you don`t spend to much time on the computer or phone, have enough water and sleep.

I`m also sharing the label for your eye balm, you can download it HERE. (Note: For really small label set your page size to 40% and print on label paper).

If you like it, please share and let me know in the comments! Hope you will find this helpful and have some ah-mazing results!
label for eye balm
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