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May Calendar 2018 / Free Printable

Print a Free Calendar for May 2018 quickly and easily! Just download on the end of the post and print. Doesn't get easier than that!
Hello and welcome to another monthly recap and freebie for you! This recaps are summary of the posts from the previous month, just in case you missed something. 

I also included your FREE MAY 2018 CALENDAR as always!
Please find your free copy of the my May 2018 Calendar available for you to download at the end of the post. Always appreciating your continued support and feedback on my blog and on social media... 
Now...on to a look back at what I shared in April.
That was it for the April, now back to a free printable - Free May 2018 Calendar
Download May Calendar 2018

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  1. Anonymous5/05/2018

    Sjajan post, draga Vesna. Dopada mi se ovaj planner za maj, jer pomoću njega smo stvarno organizovaniji.

    Novi post je na mom blogu. Pogledaj ako imaš vremena: Adda's Life

  2. Zaista jako lijepo izgleda :)

    Check out my new post:

  3. Koliko volim tvoje kalendare i nedeljne planere. <3 stalno ih štampam i heftam za stranice rokovnika :D ne znam šta bih bez tebe ;) <3

  4. Lovely.. I love all the dresses..

  5. Draga, hvala ti na kalendaru, a posebno na planeru. Ovaj fitness planer mi je kao dobrodošao jer nikako da se ozbiljno primim tog dijela :-) Veliki pozdrav!


  6. Great post
    I'm following you,please follow me to

  7. As usual very interesting post!
    Kisses, Anya