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7 Easy Ideas How To Renovate Kitchen In A Day

Are your kitchen looking tired and boring? Do you want to update it quick and easy? Here are a few ideas how to give your kitchen a new look without spending much money or time! Actually, you can do most of this in a day!
1. Makeover your kitchen table
Your kitchen table is one of the most used item in your home. It`s no surprise it looks well loved (worn out). You can always buy a new table, or if it`s not an option, there is a quick fix for that. If it`s natural wood table with a few (or more) scratches or damages, just fill it with a wood filler, sand it lightly and give it a coat of varnish. You can choose from variety of shades and find one that`s the best match with a rest of your kitchen furniture. If you want to play around, leave a top part natural but paint the legs to spruce it up. I did that with our old kitchen table and it was like a totally new piece of furniture! Find the tutorial here! If it`s painted table, do the same, just paint a whole thing. If you don`t have time to sand and do all the preparation, just use a chalk paint and you`ll be done in no time, because you can paint any surface with no prepping involved.
2. Add a new backspash with a stick on tiles 
Great backspalsh tiles can add so much value to any kitchen. Instead of making a big mess with a new tiles, add a stick on tiles and save money and time. They are easy to use, looking great and mess free. Also, great solution for renters or anyone who doesn`t want to commit to specific design or just want to change things regularly. 
3. Add a fresh flowers or spices on the free wall
There`s not much to say about this project, it`s easy, quick and budget friendly. Fresh greenery, especially spices will be a perfect addition to any gourmet kitchen and they look so nice.
4. Have a daily menu on the wall
If you have a free wall and haven`t found the perfect art piece for it, this is a great option for you. With a chalk board paint (you can choose any color you like) make a square or a rectangle on the wall and your daily menu board is ready to use. No more boring questions what`s for dinner!
5. Add a floating shelf
There`s no such thing as too much space in the kitchen. With all the dishes, spices, cups and glasses, we need as much space as we can. Floating shelves are easy to install, they are cheap and makes a perfect place to showcase your best china and make it available to everyone.  
6. Extra lighting is always a good idea
Whether you have a light and bright or really dark kitchen, great lighting is no brainer when it comes to kitchen. More is more, so either change existing light fixtures with a better one (this one is gorgeous), or add more to any area you feel you need more (like this one or this one), especially in the spots where you`re prepping your meals or doing a dishes. You can also easy add led strips underneath you cabinets or your kitchen island to make everything more bright. These are great as a night lights too. 
7. Replace your countertops
Beautiful marble or granite countertops are very expensive, but there are so many other options for a nice looking countertops which looks almost exactly the same. Instead of waiting to save for the real thing and looking at the hideously damaged old ones every single day, use this cheaper versions  and update your kitchen on a budget. Butcher block or concrete ones are also a very good and long lasting options for any busy kitchen!
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