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Back To School Free Printables

Get ready for school with the BEST Back to School Free Printable downloads. 
Summer’s quickly coming to an end and I suddenly realized it’s time to start planning for back to school! How in the world did it sneak up to us so quickly?!
So, with the school time just around the corner, it`s time to get your kids, or yourself ready to go back to school. I`m  starting with these free back to school printables. 

Today I have for you 4 free back to school printables. You can download them on english or on serbian at the end of the post.

1.Class schedule
In order to be organized and never miss a class, you`ll need a class schedule. This one is easy to use and you can print it over and over again.
2.Important notes and homework
Speaking of organization, this page is perfect for all your important notes. You don`t want to forget about your tasks and chores, so use it to jot down your homework and other important bits and slay this school year from the beginning.
What about that absolutely brilliant idea you had the other day, but can`t remember it today? This page is dedicated to all your brilliant ideas you want to save (that`s why I called it a bank) for later and use them when needed. 

Some days can be really boring... Maybe your best friend is away and you have no idea what to do with your time... Why don`t use that time to practice your doodle skills and use them to decorate your books, notebooks or even walls (please use a canvas, not an actual wall). Print, doodle, practice and do it over and over again whenever you`re bored.

I hope you like these free printables and this will be helpful for the new school year. If you need more back to school printables, leave me a comment what you need and I `ll do my best to make them for you! 
Note: If you want to share this printables, please share the link to my blog! For personal use only!

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  1. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :) xx

  2. Odličan post,defintivno će mi koristiti,jer krećem od septembra u prvi srednje i moraću više da organizujem svoje vrijeme.Jako korisno.:) - novi post

  3. Lovely post dear, thanks a lot for sharing!
    Have a great weekend! xx