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Hi everyone, hope you`re doing well! As you can see from the title, today`s post is all about how to pull together look that is beautiful,  but quick and easy. 
Preparing for the day at school, work, or even a big date can be stressful. You have to think (and coordinate) outfit, accessories, makeup and hair. Having a perfect hair every day can be tricky and time consuming. You have to start with washing your hair, then drying and styling, which, if we are honest, can take up a few hours!! But, who has that amount of spare time every day?!! 
Now imagine that you can have a beautifully styled hair in 5 minutes! Heaven, right?! Yes, it can be done with a perfect wig! You can select wig which is just like your hair, or something completely different to make a statement. Whatever you chose, wig (besides the hat) can be a great option for bad hair day. I found this site with a great selection of wigs. I will show you just a few I liked.
First are BLONDE WIGS, because blondes always have more fun, right?! This platinum, long blonde wig looks so dreamy and cute! Love it! If you prefer different style of blonde, you can find long or short blonde wig, blonde bob wig, honey or ash blonde wig, golden blonde wig, white or dark blonde wig etc.
Blonde wigsBlonde wigs
Second look can be achieved with OMBRE WIGS. This hairstyle is popular for the few years now and I think it`s going to stay, because it`s beautiful and feminine. Everydaywigs.com have a few different styles of ombre wigs to chose, like blonde, pink, gray, purple, red, pastel ombre, blue, black, brown ombre, lavender  etc. Personally, I like this dark honey blond, looks so nice and natural! If you like cooler shades, this black to gray looks interesting. 
Ombre wigsOmbre wigs
Third look I wanted to share today are so popular, cute and charming. PINK WIGS are extremely popular and you can`t go wrong with this one. Whether you prefer light or dark shades of pink, or even hot pink, you can achieve unique modern and beautiful look with this pink wigs. I like this beautiful candy pink wavy wig because it`s sweet and romantic, but the other one looks nice as well. 
Pink wigsPink wigs
So, what do you think? Did you ever think of wearing a wig? What`s your style? Be sure to check EVERYDAYWIGS for more informations and ideas! 
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  1. I never wore a wig, but I'm thinking of getting one! :D

  2. I've never worn a wig.. but, i think I can try one.. :)

    1. Yeah, it can be interesting experience! :)

  3. Great post dear!
    I follow you can you follow me back?

  4. Nisam imala iskustvo s nošenjem perika, niti planiram u skorije vrijeme, ali mi je blo zanimljivo pročitati post. Vidim da perike blogerke posebno u posljednje vrijeme reklamiraju, a ove mi djeluju kvalitetno. Odličan post. :)

    sweet-dreams-14.blogspot.com - novi post

    1. Nisam ni ja, ali bih baš volela da probam različite boje i stilove. xx

  5. What a great idea. Looks so good.

  6. joj izgledaju prezanimljivo! Uvijek želim isprobati neku drugačiju frizuru a mislim da je to sa perikama najlakše :D


  7. Mnogo lepo izgledaju i nosila bih sve :D predivne su <3