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Free Printable Minimalist Note Paper Set

Keep your notes organized with this easy to use planner printable. Free printable notes pages are available in two simple, minimal designs and they are fantastic to keep on hand to jot down lists, thoughts, numbers, messages and more. 

This notes page is a part of my planner series I've been working this month. In case you`we missed it, I shared the Free printable planner inserts and stickes also this month. While this planner printables I shared before are very useful, I know that we all have extra information or messages that isn't specific to one of the planner pages. 

These printable notes pages are perfect to add your own items and notes to your binder, planner or home binder. They are also great to keep around your home or office for daily note taking, lists, to do lists and overall communication with your family and co-workers. Since they are meant to be very versatile, I designed them simple and minimal, so they can fit to any and every occasion and place.  First set is very simple with no embellishments, and the other set has just a simple hand drown flower, so you can chose this one if you like a little feminine touch on your notes. Download one or both of these printable notes page designs below.

Why Do You Need Free Printable Notes Page?
If you're like me, you take notes, make to do lists, grocery lists and messages to family members. Nice thing about these is you can print out a new pages whenever you need it. There is no limit to how many of these notes page printable you can download or print. If you like to keep them together, you can make a booklet, that`s why I made a front page for each set of pages. 

You can add this to the home binder, planner or use it on its own. You can also use the same notes page over and over, just by laminating it and use dry erase markers to write your notes. If you like, you can keep one on your refrigerator for family usage. Download your favorite design of this printable notes page below.

Note: both front covers are white, I added a border so you can see it better.
Benefits of Writing Things Down:
1. Remember More
2. Learn More
3. Think Better
4. Less Distractions
5. Declutter Your Brain
Use Note Pages As:
1. To Do List, 
2. School or student Notes, 
3. Printable To Do List, 
4. Printable Diary, 
5. Lined Paper, 
6. Lined Page, 
7. Planner Notepad, 
8. Notepad, 
9. Binder Printable
Helpful Tips
-Print pages on regular paper. You can also laminate them and use a multiple times. For cover pages use thin cardstock paper ( or laminate the regular paper for added sturdiness).
- Simply click the “Download Now” image below to download the files.
- If you would like the pages to not be blank on the backside, you can either print them back to back or print and then glue them together.
- You can print as many as you need.

- Pages are undated, so you can use them for any year, not just for 2020.
- SAVE PAPER - Print what you need.
- ANYTIME: Need more? Print Now!
Make taking notes a pleasure with this printable Minimalist Note Paper Set! Perfect for work, school and everyday use. Enjoy 3 different lined paper designs! Please find your free copy of my Free Printable Minimal Notes Pages for you to download at the end of the post. Thank you for your continued support and feedback on my blog and on social media, I really appreciate it!
Set No 1

Set No 2

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  1. Great idea!

    I write dowm everything. Really, I live with open agenda. It helps me to organize and be able to do all those things everyday. ;-)