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5 Tips To Create Focal Point In A Room With Art /Photowall

Every room needs a focal point — it’s a basic design principle. Your eye needs somewhere to land, and a focal point draws you into a room. Making the focal point with art from Photowall is a great way to do it. 

You don`t know how to you create focal point in your space and have no idea where to start? I’ve got some ideas and 5 easy tips to create focal point in your space. 

1.Look at Your Architecture of the room

The architecture of many rooms may already designate a specific focal point which is a huge help. Mantels, french doors or a large bank of windows can be a great start, and you won’t have to work so hard while decorating. Simply use the existing architecture and build from there.

In my living room, the fireplace is the focal point which I emphasized even more by adding a oversized painting. This beautiful piece comes from Photowall. If you are regular on the blog, you`ll remember my previous post about them. Photowall is a perfect place to find beautiful wallpaper and wall art (wall murals, canvas prints and posters). So, If you`re looking for any of these, be sure to check them out, they have a huge selection of motifs in any category you can possibly imagine.
2.Use Height

If you, like me, don’t have existing architecture in your space that creates a defined focal, create one with height. A large bookcase is a good choice, but I also love pairing a mantel with a big piece of art. Hung over a fireplace, this art piece adds height, drawing your eye in.
3. Go Oversize

Any type of wall art can be a great way to turn a simple space into the dramatic focus in your room. I love my new art piece because it demands attention. It`s big and bold and really makes a statement in the room, just like I need. Don`t be afraid to choose a big art piece, mine is 100 cmx100 cm  and looks perfect over the mantel. Great thing about Photowall is that they can make canvas prints (or posters and framed prints) in almost any size you need. 
4.Bold Color

If you have a small space, using one bold color can bring in that drama and interest you’ll need. As I mentioned before, Photowall has a huge selection of art, both in black and white and color. I decided to use this beautiful black and white canvas print "In Bloom II" by the artist Fran Rodríguez (@lacabezaenlasnubes). 

5.Silhouette Your Piece

In my living room, I used a dark wall art to accentuate my white walls and neutral furniture pieces and add drama in my space. You could use the same method with white and light colored art on a dark wall, or a bold, colorful art with neutral pieces. Great way to create a focal point with art is through the use of contrast. Contrast refers to difference. Any type of difference in imagery will result in that element becoming a focal point.

If you`re looking to make a focal point and make a statement in your home with art, be sure to visit Photowall. Also, I  want to let you know that your order will come very fast and carefully packed in a durable cardboard box. Inside the box you will find everything you need for easy assemble. People in Photowall are very cooperative and nice, they will help you with anything you need. On their site you will also find the assembly video. It`s very helpful and easy to follow. 

But, this is not all, Photowall will also give you a very special gift.
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