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5 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Everything is so cozy and joyful. Rich colors, crisp weather, warm and soft fabrics and a beautiful smell of freshly baked pies! What`s not to love about that!

5 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready

Welcome beautiful fall - I’ve been waiting for you and all the good stuff you`re bringing! I don`t know about you, but I like to decorate my home for the fall. Not too much, just a little touches here and there to make it fell warm and cozy, because fall to me is all about coziness! Although I`m a neutral girl, for fall I like to bring some color to our home. My favorite colors lately are rust, turmeric, burnt orange, off white and deep blue. These are the colors that creates such a nice atmosphere and perfectly reflects the hues from the nature. 
5 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready
I also like to DIY some of my fall decor, it`s a great way to make some unique decorations, like these DIY pumpkins I made a few years ago. If you want to see how to do it, read the post HERE.

So, if you`re like me and want to bring some of the fall beauty to your home, today I’ll be sharing my best 5 fall home decorating tips to easily transition your house from summer to fall. These affordable and easy ideas will get you to think outside what people typically consider fall decor and inspire your creativity! It`s nice to add pumpkins, but there`s other ways to decorate for fall. Let`s get started!


Before decorating, start with removing all of the summer decor and other things you don`t want for the next season. Remove everything from the shelves, cabinets etc. Even remove the paintings and other summer decor from the walls.
Next step is to clean everything and prepare it for decorating. After that, treat yourself with nice cup of coffee or tea and look around your clean home. This will allow you to clearly see the space and to get fresh ideas, witch leads us to a next step...


5 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready

You don`t need to add fall decor in every surface or corner of your home. As the mater of fact, that will be very wrong and not beautiful at all. So, while everything is empty, try to decide which are the main focal points for your decor. After that, try to imagine what will fit nicely in that area and try not to overdo it. Just a few decorative pieces, fall candles or floral arrangements will be enough. Remember,  less is more. You don`t want your house to look like a harvest festival!
On the other hand, you can add a lot of decorations in one spot and make a huge statement, but try to stick with neutrals, because they will look less cluttered and "heavy" in the space. 


5 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready

Think beyond the typical fall decor and try to use things you actually use in the space or even use food as a decor. Like a lovely bowl filled with apples, stack of plates with cute kitchen towel on top finished with a pear, few copper mugs on a shelf, vintage books with fall candle.., get creative and think outside the box. On the photo above I used a bowl full of fresh fruit as my centerpiece on the dining table in one of my previous fall home tours.

USE NATURE AS A FREE SHOP 5 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready

Every year I use this tip and I love it. Nature is best shop in the world and it`s free. So, go outside, take a nice walk and pick whatever your heart desires. Branches, dried grass, colorful fall leaves... This will instantly make your home ready for fall and you can enjoy a little bit of nature indoors. 


Whenever I think of fall, I think about cozy afternoon on the sofa, curled in a soft blanket. Throws and pillows are my favorite and easiest way to add seasonal flair. 
I like to add more fluffy pillows and drape throws on the sofa and chairs to add color and soft textures in the space. My family loves to curl up in those when we are watching our favorite shows. 
5 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready
Last, but not least enjoy the season your way. Don`t feel like you have to use typical fall colors or decorations. Use what you love. You can find how I decorated our house with the touches in blue HERE.
So, if you love blue, pink or neutrals, than go for it. There are no rules you must follow. Just follow your heart and enjoy! Also, I would love to know how often you updates decor in your home and do you decorate for fall. Let me know down in the comments and share your tips for seasonal decorating. 

5 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready

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