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Free Easter Planner Printables

The Easter is such a busy time of year, making it hard to stay on track with organizing everything you need for a good holiday; so many thing to do-so little time. This Free Printable Easter Planner can help you avoid stress and last-minute rushing around so you can spend more time with your family and have a enjoyable Easter. It features 3 pages/ To-Do/Menu/To-Buy Lists with sweet  Easter illustrations to brighten your holiday.
Free Easter Planner Printables
I know we all want to make the holidays special for our families. But, as much as any holiday, Easter can be challenging to make it special if you don’t have a plan of action. I’m so excited to share my new free printable Easter Planner Pages with you this year!
Printable Easter Planner
First of all, we must have a plan, right? To execute that plan without a panic attack, you will need a list of all the important tasks. This Free Printable Easter To-Do List will help you with that, plus you will be happy to look at that list because it`s so cute!
Printable Easter Planner
Once you figure out other jobs, it`s time to make a Easter Menu and write down all the delicious meals you`re going to make. It`s best to plan ahead and write everything down, because Easter meal is one of  biggest and most important jobs to make your family and guests happy. They all want to enjoy the good food, so you better not disappoint them. 
Printable Easter Planner
After your Easter menu is completed, you have a perfect base for your To-Buy list. Go through your recipes and write down all the ingredients you`ll need. Doing this will prevent you from running down the store 100 times and will save you time and sanity. You can also use this list to write down the presents, home decorations or other things you`ll need to make holidays really special. 

This 3 printable Easter planner pages are undated, so you can print it out every year to keep you organized.
These are very similar style with my Free Printable Easter Bunny Art so you can use them together and make your home really beautiful and cute this Easter. 
Free Printable Vintage Easter Bunny Art
Also, I have another set of Free Printable Vintage Easter Bunny Art which is very popular on Pinterest, so check them out and print away! They are perfect for home decoration, but also you can use them to wrap Easter gifts, use as Easter cards or anything you like. 

This Free Easter Planner Printables can be printed on your home printer or you can save it and take it to an office supply store or copy place. It`s not expensive and the quality is better than on home printer. But, if you don`t have time for that, just print it at home. Either way, I hope you love these Free Easter Planner Printable and enjoy having them in your home for holiday!
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Free Easter Planner Printables

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