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Free Printable Vintage Easter Bunny Art

Decorate your home this Easter with cute and free printable vintage Easter bunny art. It`s easy and quick way to add Easter charm to your home or give as a gift to someone you love.

Free Easter Bunny Art
Did you start decorating for Easter? If not, I made this free printable A4 vintage Easter bunny art for you (and me) to decorate for the holiday! It`s a very cute way to add some holiday spirit to your home and put a smile on the faces of your family and guests.
Free Easter Bunny Art
I loved this sweet Easter bunny`s and decided to layer them on top of a vintage postcard image. So cute and festive. Of course, I had to add a lovely Easter basket with a bow, filled with colorful Easter eggs.
Free Easter Bunny Art
These two Easter bunnies are so cute, so I decided to layer them on top of  a lovely vintage image. Beautiful pink roses are so romantic and will make a magical Easter decoration in your home.
Free  Easter Bunny Art
This beautiful bunnies with a blue flowers and a cute vintage Easter egg makes a really lovely art print. 
Free Easter Bunny Art
Don`t you just love this lovely cart full of flowers and sweet vintage Easter bunnies  on top of a vintage postcard image. It is so adorable with the colorful eggs and "Post Card" typography.


I love to display my printable in a variety of ways, but these are my favorites:

1. Frame - this one is probably the obvious one. I always have a couple of empty frames at home to switch out my artwork for the season.

2. Clipboard-  a plain, inexpensive clipboard is a cute way to display artwork- and it is easy to change any time you want!

3. Washy Tape - probably the easiest one. Just add some washy tape on the printed image and you can add it anywhere you want!


Printable can be displayed in the ways I mentioned above, but they are also great for adding charm to your Easter decorations. You can use them as a table decor, hang them on a bulletin board, use for wrapping gifts, give to friends with a bunch of Easter cookies, or decorate any area of your home. Imagine vignette with one of the printable on a kitchen shelf together with some faux bulbs and speckled eggs. So lovely!


This Easter art prints can be printed on your home printer or you can save it and take it to an office supply store or copy place. It`s not expensive and the quality is better than on home printer. But, if you don`t have time for that,  just print it at home. Either way, I hope you love these vintage Easter prints and enjoy having them in your home for holiday!
Free Easter Bunny Art
Free Easter Bunny Art
Free Easter Bunny Art
Free Easter Bunny Art
Free Printable Vintage Easter Bunny Art
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  3. Love the Easter Bunnies, thank you!