Free Printable: Summer Bookmarks For Him & Her | Home Chic Club: Free Printable: Summer Bookmarks For Him & Her


Free Printable: Summer Bookmarks For Him & Her

Free Printable: Summer Bookmarks
One of the things I love to do on holiday is reading books. I adopted the slower pace on the beach years ago, and one of the things that always helps me relax is a good book. I’m old school and I like turning pages of paperback or hardcover books, so I rarely buy a digital version. I like having my favorites with me, but also some fun books for carefree "mode".

My husband is also a book lover (probably even more than me), and we are always short on bookmarks (we are always losing them...), so I designed some new watercolor versions for him and her. Summer themed bookmarks seemed an appropriate subject for this time of the year. 
Hers are in watercolor flowers, which I personally love. These are timeless and you can use them all year long,
His are really dedicated to men who loves to travel and loves outdoor activities, like fishing for example. Lovely, but manly at the same time. 
Free Printable: Summer Bookmarks
There are two ways to print: at home using your own home printer, print the Single Sided Summer Bookmarks for him & her PDF. I recommend using cardstock if you have it so they’re more substantial in weight.

But you can also print them as a two sided copy if you like that more.
Free Printable: Summer BookmarksFree Printable: Summer Bookmarks
If you want your bookmarks to be two sided, you can print it at home or opt for some printing site or shop to print them for you. It`s easier and it`s really inexpensive.
Free Printable: Summer Bookmarks
Download the Double Sided Summer Bookmarks for him & her PDF from this website and save it to your computer, tablet, or phone, then upload the document to a local printing site. Weather you order it or print it yourself,  make sure you choose a double sided document and cardstock.
You can also laminate them. They will last much longer and you can give them away as a gifts. Print more than one to give away as gifts or to keep on hand to mark pages in your planner or recipes in cookbooks.

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Free Printable: Summer Bookmarks

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  1. Last year for Christmas, I gave book marks to my work colleagues. I had made them myself, it took me lots of time. Next time, I will remember your post and have saved half my troble.

    1. Thanks darling, hope this will save you a lot of time.