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NYC Apartment Decor Inspiration / Fearlessly Chic

NYC Apartment Decor Inspiration
A perfectly designed NYC apartment is bold, beautiful and exciting. In it`s best, it`s certainly not minimalist, quite the opposite. It`s filled with color, patterns and collections. 
NYC Apartment Decor Inspiration
It`s playful and eclectic, filled with things that are collected over a period of time, memories from travel, art, books, interesting rugs and vintage items.

NYC Apartment Decor Inspiration
Everything looks well curated and layered, mixing old with new, patterns with solid colors, high-end pieces with cheap, even kitschy stuff. 
NYC Apartment Decor Inspiration
Gallery walls are very often seen in these apartments, making a focal point and expressing personal taste and style of the owner. Pops of color adds to a overall feeling of coziness and fun.
Rooms are refined and artistic, often with elements of chinoiserie and animal prints. 
NYC Apartment Decor Inspiration
Even the smallest rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms are filled with style and elegance, making everyday life so much better.
NYC Apartment Decor Inspiration
Finally, what is absolute best decorating advice if you want to achieve this look? Buy what you love—cliché, perhaps, but true because everything will work together in that way. Don`t be afraid to mix and mach all different styles, colors and patterns, group your collections and put them in spotlight and use art as statement pieces everywhere. And don`t forget to go vintage shopping. You`ll never know what you can find. Finally, splurge on something you really love and never look back. 
NYC Apartment Decor Inspiration

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