The Ultimate Packing List and Tips

Wishing for an endless summer? Here’s your ultimate packing list and guide to paradise. A complete summer packing list for the coast or pool, amongst my favorite sunny destinations and tips how to pack like a pro! 
P I N  T H I S  F O R  L A T E R!!
Since travel season is already started, I`m thinking it`s the best time to share some of my best packing tips and my Ultimate Packing List, which you can download at the end of the post.
First of, tips for packing , which I sorted in a few categories.
Categori N0 1:
In this category I will put everything I should never forget, because without them, I can`t go anywhere. These are: passport (visa), ID, credit card/s, money, boarding pass/ticket, directions, medications (if you taking some regularly). 
Since these are so important, I always want to keep the near me during the trip, so I pack them in my handbag or backpack (depending which one I carry with me). For the editional help to  myself, I like to put my passport and boarding pass/ticket in a separate pouch so I can find them very easy and quick (rather than digging through my bag for about 10 minutes while everyone is rolling their eyes). 
For the money, I also have my own hack. I always split my cash and keep it in a different spots (some of it I`ll keep in my handbag, some in a carry on bag and some in my pocket in a small wallet). This is just in case something unexpected happened - this prevents me from situation to have no money left on me. Also, I never carry a lot of money with me, I like to leave it on my card and use it that way. 
Category N0 2:
When speaking of clothes, my biggest tip is how to pack/fold your clothes so it takes a less space in your suitcase. I like to use "file system", which means to fold and pack my clothing like a files in a drawer. I fold everything in a rectangle shape, trying to make it the same height as my suitcase. Then I pile on everything together and lay it on the bottom of the suitcase. This system saves a lot of space and also enables to see all your thing at a glance. 
Additional tip is to prepare in advance your outfits for each day and take a photos with your phone. Once you are on your destination, you will have finished looks for every day and you can be ready to go in 5 minutes. 
For my underwear I use zip lock bags or pouches and "file" them the same way as my clothing. My shoes are also in separate zip lock bags, so they don`t have a contact with my clothing. 
Last tip is to always wear your sweaters, jackets, hat and other bigger pieces on the plane/bus/train. This will save you a lot of space in your suitcase, and also they are really comfortable to wear.
Category No 3:
This category is one of the hardest to pack, because of different shapes and sizes, but my pouch system is again a big help. I like to categorize products like cleaning products, skin care or hair products in different pouches so I can easily find what I`m looking for. 
Also I always save all the sample products during the year and bring them with me when I`m traveling. They are small, compact and easy to pack. If I don`t have any, I will transfer small amount in a travel bottles which can be found in any drugstore. 
Category N0 4:
This category is also a hard to pack, because of shapes and fragility. This is why I leave it for the end of my packing, because most of them I carry on with me in a backpack or big tote bag. The stuff I don`t need with me, I just tuck between my clothing so it doesn`t get damaged during the travel. I also like to wrap it in my socks or scarves to additionally secure them. 
Category No 5:
Misc & Personal
This category contains all the other things I carry with me on travel, like hair ties and clips, paper and pen, first aid kit, insect repellant, belts, jewellery etc. I usually pack them in small zip lock bags because they are clear and don`t take up a lot of space. This category also contains books, magazines and any other personal things I need. This things I usually pack in a second half of my suitcase, together with my toiletries. 

I`m using a packing list for years, because it makes process of preparing for the trip so much easier then to have it all in my head or on numerous lists and notes. It`s also great if you need to check if you already have everything you need, or have to go shopping (like me, hahaha). 
So, without further ado, here is my Ultimate Packing List for you to download and use every time you travel. It`s on 3 pages in total and it will give you the only packing list you`ll ever need! I also included "Other" category - free space for you to add things you need, so it can be customizable to your needs. 
Hope you`ll like it and find it helpful! 

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