How To Discover Your Interior Design Style

 7 Most popular interior design styles
Hi darlings, today`s post is all about interior design styles and how to discover yours the easy way. 
Sometimes it is very difficult to determinate what`s your style and how to chose things for your home that will show it off the best possible way. So, today I`m choosing just the 7 most popular interior design styles at the moment and hope you`ll recognize which one represents you. If you don`t have a clue which one is yours, it is a good idea to look around your home and find out things and decor you love. They most likely represents one of the styles which will definitely help. Another great idea is to go over on Pinterest, create a new board and pin all the things you like. You can check it later and see if anything is ripeting, like colors, furniture, decor etc.

Now back on the most popular styles! Here they are:
Bohemian style
It`s a colorful and carefree style. To look absolutely perfect, the goal is to make it imperfect - a beautiful, purposely mess. That can be achieved by adding a rich colors and natural fibers (jute, linen, burlap), poufs with a lot of embellishments (like tassels and beads), mixing and layering different rugs, adding decorative pieces from around the world and, of course a colorful pillows and lots of plants everywhere.
Mid Century Modern style
It`s a style with a lots of neutrals, minimalist silhouettes and natural materials like wood and linen. Furniture often has a geometric lines and has a vibe of a specific time period which is around 1950. Furniture is very functional, but often on a smaller scale and floor plans are open and airy. This style places a big focus on a lighting, very modern, elegant and sleek, especially on floor and side table lamps.
Contemporary style
This style is known as style with lots of neutrals and simple furniture in natural fabrics like linen or silk. To bring some interest in a rather simple picture, it`s the best to use color block method with a rugs or art on the walls. Materials to use are stone, glass or metal, lots of geometric patterns, modern accessories and white walls. 
Farmhouse style
Very popular these days is a farmhouse style with a lot of character and charm. Practical and handy, but sophisticated, this style become extremely popular after the HGTV`s Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. It combines vintage finds with newer pieces, iron and wood and, of course, shiplap. This style is ideal if you like a DIY projects or upcycling the old pieces. For accessorise use vintage boxes, pitchers, vintage wooden signs and galvanized dekor.
Minimalism style
Also very popular these day, this style takes modern one step further. If you like very clean space without a lot of stuff and embellishments all over the place, them minimalism is most likely your style. Minimalist have only the furniture and accessories they absolutely need and really appreciate the open and clutter free space. For decoration use the one big piece of art or use a functional pieces, like lamps. Color palette is gray, pastels and different shades of white.
Traditional style
This style is very calm and warm and inviting. Lots of wood, peaches, greens, and gold or bronze are the color palette to go. Floral or paisley patterns are very popular, but also striped and plaid fabrics. These patterned fabrics are very often on drapes or pillows or even rugs. Furniture are regal and heavy with lots of curves or embellishments on the wood, and often slipcovered. This style also features a big libraries, crystal chandeliers, mirrors, sconces and intricate design on doors, windows or staircases. 
Coastal style
For those who can`t live without a beach and want to bring it to the home, their style is most definitely coastal. Space is light and airy with a lot of send shades, bright white and blue, often in striped form. Fabrics are natural, like linen or seagrass, wicker and wood details are a must. Accessories are beach related, like sea shells, rope, boats, navigational maps etc. Space is always light and bright, with a big windows and shear curtains.
I really hope this was helpful and you are now able to find your design style, so you can start decorating your dream home. 

I would love to hear what`s your style, so let me know in the comments.
7 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

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  1. Great post. I am transitional which is a cross between tradition and contemporary to me.

    1. Thanks Marty, that`s a great combination!

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  3. I am in transition, also, from contemporary to very light version of Modern farmhouse. But I like MCM details, such as chairs and buffets (you know, leftovers from grandma's house) - so I guess this weird mixure makes my home a bit eclectic! :D

    1. Eclectic is perfect, and I love it too! xx

  4. This is nice,

  5. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  6. Great post! I really love minimalism specially. <3

  7. que maravilla, no se cual me gusta mas

  8. Tvoji postovi su uvek zanimljivi i korisni. :)

    Kathy's delight

  9. This looks amazing! :)
    If you want to be blogger friends let me know, I'll follow back :)
    xx Mon

  10. Great post. I liked mid-century and contemporary style, but now I am more and more in boho ;-) Ind I think it's the influence of the blogs... ;-)

    (In my country think the very popular style in bloggers' homes is "scandinavian")

    My blog

    1. Thanks Una! Love both boho and scandinavian! xx

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  12. Great! Love minimalism and farmhouse style!

  13. I don't like any particular style I like to mix styles in interior design.

  14. Iako sam po struci arhitekta, uvek se divim lepim enterijerima :) mnogo mi se dopada spoj modernog i rusticnog :) predivnu si selekciju odabrala <3