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July Calendar and July Planner Printable

Hi darlings, today I`m sharing free July Calendar and free monthly planner printable for July. This printable is created for the holiday month, to help you stay organized before you go to well deserved holiday. I even included a little countdown, so you can track how many days to vacation. 
This page have a place to jot down all the things you have to do before the holidays and stay on top of your busy life, and also your monthly goals, events and plans your summer fun, like trips, must do`s and rainy day activities. 
Of course, you`ll have to have a cute new bikini, cover up and sandals for the beach as well as new outfits for your sunny destinations, so I added a shopping list where you can write down everything you need to buy. Both calendar and planner page are summer inspired and decorated with a popular palm leafs. Hope you`ll like it. 
You can download this two at the end of the post. 
I also wanted to explain why I was away lately and didn`t posted as much. I was really busy at work and also having a few photoshoots with my blogger friends for the exiting upcoming blogger event - #BlogerFest, which will take place here in Belgrade in September. This will be a first and only blogger festival for the Balkan peninsula with a mission to promote successful blogs and bloggers. Plan for the next year is to become even bigger and to include the bloggers from entire Europe! 
Lately we were working on promotional photos on a several locations here in Belgrade and on the beautiful Smederevo fortress. 
Great news is upcoming trip to France for more beautiful picture perfect locations and I can`t tell you how excited I am!! I will share more of that when I come back! 
Here are your free printables:
 Download your July Calendar
Download your July Planner Printable 
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  1. son super chulos y veraniegos, gracias

  2. This helps a lot! Thank you so much for sharing.
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    1. You`re welcome Adriana! Have a great day! xx

  3. Great printables! :-)

    Can I share a link with my readers?

    My blog

    1. Thanks Una, of course, just use a link to my blog.

  4. Bravo mila, julski kalendar-planer je prosto savrsen.
    Vidimo se na sledecem fotkanju :)

    Ljubim te

    1. Hvala draga, obavezno jer bez nas bi bilo pusto! :D xx

  5. Interesting post dear! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  6. Very helpful planner!♡

  7. Great post.
    Check also free printable 2020 calendar and download them as per your requirements.