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August 2018 Calendar and Free Monthly Planner Printable

Hi darlings, as always, on the start of a new month I`created for you a free August 2018 Calendar and free August monthly planner printable. 
In my previous post I was sharing my 5 Awesome Reasons To Use Planner so, this pages can be a great start. Begin with monthly page and see if that works for you, before you actually decide to buy a planner.
Free August monthly planner printable is great for all your important dates, meetings, appointments etc. Very simple but also very helpful to stay on top of your tasks this month. You can have it on your desk or above the desk and daily check or add new things you don`t want to forget.
It has a two pages, first one is beautiful illustration from Chinese Font and the second one is a dated monthly page. When you open the link, go to "File"- "Download as"-"PDF Document", or just "Print". You can print it on a thicker paper and fold like a desk calendar or on a regular paper. In any case, hope this will help you to stay organized and successful during the month of August.

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August 2018 Calendar Free

Free August Monthly Planner Printable
Free ugust Monthly Planner Printable
August 2018 Calendar Free
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  1. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  2. I like this kind pf planners :-) great post xx

  3. Planer i kalendar su divni i jako mi se dopadaju.Odlican post.:)

  4. Preesladak planer, veoma je koristan i skroz girly, pogotovo mi se dopada što je sa cvetnim printom. Ja volim da izdradjujem sama svoje planere, uvek ispadnu slatki. :) <33
    Inače novi sam član tvog bloga, pa ukoliko ti se svidi moj, uzvrati. :)

    Dear Miss Modern: OUTFIT | Red Rose Instagram: @ https.katt

    1. Hvala draga, i ja sama pravim planere, ali volim i ove gotove zbog raznovrsnosti. Naravno da ću ti uzvratiti! xx

  5. Oh very cute darling

  6. Estupendo post! feliz semana!💛💛💛

  7. Odličan post :)