10 Tips How To Design A Small Space And Make A Statement

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Having a small room doesn’t mean it should have a small amount of style. With this 10 tips you`ll find out how you can pack plenty of design into your small space.
1. Give the Illusion of More Space
Using a light paint color and keeping that color uniform throughout the space is one of the best interior design tips for making a room appear larger.
Another great tip is to bring in natural light. Emphasize existing windows by using sheer curtains to let in as much light as possible.
When there is not enough natural light, give the illusion of light by using mirrors. Mirrors will bounce light around the room and will trick the eyes to make the room seem larger.
2. Keep It Clean
To keep a room from looking small, use simple design. Often this means that interior design tips will overlap with organization tips.
If you are doing a makeover, consider built-ins to allow storage to be a part of the room’s design and avoid having too many things that take up space.
Choosing a color scheme will give the appearance of a clean room and a cohesive look. Many small space interior design tips include choosing a neutral palette with pops of color here and there.
Choose functional furniture pieces and don’t overcrowd the room. Focusing on just a few great pieces will help your space look well designed rather than over stuffed.
3. Choosing Your Statement Piece
While a simple design will help your room feel airy and light, you will want some visual interest as well. Add that interest, without adding clutter, by choosing one statement piece for your space. Here are some examples:
A piece of furniture can easily become the focal point of a room. In a small bedroom, a perfectly designed chair or sofa is an obviously functional piece that can add plenty of style.
An oversized piece of art can make a huge impact in a small space. Design tip is playing with scale. Hanging one large piece can actually give the illusion of a larger space.
4. Opt For Glass Tables
It’s clean, minimalist, functional, and on the plus, very in at the moment. You’ll keep your living room looking fashionable and spacious since the eye moves right through the translucent material. Best tip: DIY it, like I do! Find the tutorial here.

5. Two Words: All. White
This may seem scary to some especially if you have kids or pets, but white walls in conjunction with white furniture and a light colored floor can majorly brighten a space. Pair your whites with other neutral tones for a clean, concise look, or be brave and go full on white by utilizing different textures and shapes to break it up.

6. Remember The Importance Of Scale
Trying to squeeze multiple pieces of small furniture into a tiny space will always make a room look cramped and congested. Instead, opt for a few bigger pieces which fits the room nicely and leaves plenty of space in the center.
7. Make Room For More With A Floating Shelf
So you’re a book lover with no space to store your books? Install a corner bookcase or floating shelf instead of a hefty shelving unit.

8. Less Is More
If you have lots of small decorative items spotted around, your living room is bound to appear more cluttered. Opt for less decorations that are a bit bigger for an aesthetically pleasing look.
9. Create More Space With Backless Furniture
A few backless pieces like benches, poufs, and stools can provide extra seating, make things look more spacious, and help improve your posture!
10.Play Around With Different Layouts
There’s no better way to figure out how to design your living room than experimenting with a variety of different layouts. Maybe you’re not so into symmetry or maybe you want more space in the middle rather than around your furniture. However tiny the space may be, let yourself go wild because sometimes the most unexpected design can turn out to be just the right one.
And Remember to Follow Your Own Rules
There are plenty of interior design tips to give your space style, but be sure to let your personal style shine through. There are several things you can do to bring your style into your room design.
Use colors and prints that reflect your personality. From upholstery fabrics to throw pillows, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative.
Going against common interior design tips, some homeowners choose to embrace their small spaces with bold design. An intricately patterned wallpaper in a small powder room can create a chic look.
How will you add style to your small space?


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